By picoloco in forum abit. BIN” introduced these problems. Aug 10, 7. Old Hippie , Aug 9, BIN” everything is working fine. BIN” for over a year now without the issues, I am looking for a way to go back to this firmware completely. For anyone reading this having the same issues, there is quite a few posts about this error on Xtreme Systems forum.

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Vertex 2 SSD on older Abit IP35-E – no AHCI?

Why not just turn AHCI off? Old HippieAug 9, There are 2 ways forward: My BIOS used to display: Or if it’s the drive controller on the et motherboard is more efficient? NCQ also allows for better write combining if i3p5 are using cache.

Even though none of the other updates mention adding it, and the original BIOS the board ships with which I am running definitely doesn’t feature it. Not sure if that’s normal or anit.


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Thank you both very much for taking the time to reply to my issue. Log in or Sign up. Sep 4, BIN” as it has improved support for the Intel E Aug 7, 2.

I must say I’m really happy with these. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. IP35 won’t post after power is disconnected. ZenOpsAug 10, I’m running windows 7 x64 yes. I’ve been ruunning v18 for 4 months its the only version that supports EO stepping.

Aug 12, What matters is that the SSD experience is satisfying to you in your specific situation. Red FalconAug 11, My Digital Life Forums. I’m not, I’m running whatever was on the board when I got it almost two years ago. Aug 7, 1.

Download Abit IP35 Pro JMicron RAID/AHCI Preinstall Driver Free

As mentioned, the main benifit of AHCI was NCQ, which is useless for a SSD, as a matter of fact it might add a tiny bit of overhead as its trying to compensate for the deficiencies of a spinning disc, but its not a spinning disc. BIN” and everything seemed to work. But the problem still remains! The only reason v18 wasn’t “released” is because Abit quit making motherboards. I was reading some guides that suggested putting the drive controllers in AHCI mode.


Sell it to someone that does not use AHCI. If you really needed AHCI, what about a cheap adapter card?

ArchaeaAug 8, BIN” everything is working fine. I’ve never seen the results that OCZ advertises.

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