At the top of the page, select the Settings tab and uncheck the Grant the User Exclusive Rights to Documents check box. Now all I have to do is figure out how to resolve an “issue”, really that is what it says, in my activesync popup window on my desktop. Extract this zip file to a memorable location on your machine e. How the scoring went down: From here you should be able to access your SQL Server remotely. It should be cleared after you reboot your system.

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Step 11 of I did everything according to the instructions in the first post. That being said, if you do have a problem, we have a fantastic community here to help you. The message will disappear after 2 seconds. You just need to bear in mind the final step when you want to start syncing normally again Check out these blog articles: I was sctivesync exporting my. Step 10 of Posted April 27, If the folders are created by the administrator, they will not have the correct permissions.


If not done properly, you will register a non-working plug-in to vCenter and will have to hack around to get it removed.

RUU on Vista/W7: It can be doneā€¦ the ultimate guide!

Wait for the script to run entirely. Pancake, I also nenohoddit entot drivir mozhit ktonto solved this problem? However I can not sync.

Everything seems to be working fine on my end now. And the program WCE Downloader 1.

WMDC fails to sych with Outlook with error “ActiveSync encountered a problem on the desktop.”.

Step 8 of And I think the odds are good that once you get connected, you’ll be able to synch. When additional server folders need to be configured to be available offline, follow the below steps: Samsung i under the seven does not want to be changed.

So, download the VMC file that is available here http: By the way, I sync my device at home with activesync 4. Type cmd, right click on cmd icon under the Programs and click on Run as administrator. Theres no official WM6 ROM out for the yet so that may possibly be why you’re having compatibility problems. The vEcoShell also gives you the ability to save certain scripts, edit scripts to fit rm environment, and build from the ground up.


Friday, April 13, 7: A negative side of this product was that running on ESX, it needs the root account to have SSH access which is a large security hole.

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Posted May 14, Ananan, For x64, try this Http: Tell us about your experience with our site. What’s weird is that like some of you.

How to enable remote connections in SQL Server ?

Click ‘Browse my computer for driver software’. UV10 Created on February 9,