I also played flightgear yesterday before the problem appeared, but I only noticed the damage at reboot. This is not acceptable to have a driver crash twice a day or more. Thanks to Nickolai Zeldovich’s suggestion, I tested the driverloader from Linuxant. Using radeonfb prevents X to resume from suspend properly. Lately, I experienced all kind of memory problems unreproductible gcc internal error, sig 11, random kernel crashes , that suggested me a problem with memory modules.

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This problem has been reported by several person, which excludes an isolated hardware problem.

3 UNIX / Linux insmod Command Examples

See this document from Phoenix, that explains how they handle this drive feature to store recovery data. This operation alro relatively easy to achieve.

This is a documented problem. The first one knows about wheel events, so it can forward them properly. I chose version 3.

Linux source code: drivers/net/wireless/cisco/airo.c (v) – Bootlin

The model came with no region pre-configured. In fact, when you start Linux on battery mode, the processor is in P5 mode MHzaltough the performance file tells that the processor is in P0 mode. This patch wiro to be applied on version 3. So I have the feeling that this problem may be DRI-related, but that’s just my intuition.


3 UNIX / Linux insmod Command Examples

The manual of the Cisco card is clear on the subject: Linu 10 Alan Cox Comment 16 Adam Ellis The key of the solution is to use a particular version of the modem driver, slmdm This module is correctly referenced by IBMand is supposed to work in my T Any modification of this state is working fine.

I currently only successfully tested association with and without WEP.

The problem was related to bad video RAM. While playing with valgrind and more precisely with the cachegrind skin of lijux, I found that the CPUID values returned by the Pentium-M processor were unknown, and could not allow this program to find the CPU cache configuration. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. September 9th, 7. Also the drive remains unresponsive for a limited period of time.

Version-Release number of selected component if applicable: I had to disable all automatic suspend actions. Playing with FlightGear is pleasant and fluid, even if it locks the screen randomly.

Another program, speedfreqaddresses the same issue but only works with the cpufreq interface of the 2. Latest version of the tpm driver includes related example programs, as described in this article.

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I installed and tested the cpudyn program, to automatically adapt aairo CPU speed according to the processor load.

The culprit process should show up quickly in the top list, when it generates a disk access that wakes the disk up. Am I supposed aifo enter anything other than “make all” into the terminal?

Now, only the CVS version of cipe can be compiled in a 2. I resolved this issue with a customization of my APM scripts.

The driver shows a flaky behaviour when handling high network load for a long time more than 1 hour typically. Comment 20 Bugzilla owner This driver acts as a compatibility layer between the Windows XP regular driver of your card and the linux kernel.

Thank you xiro Dan Borello and to Alexis de Lattre for providing the initial material for this doc. The above described problem does not apply to 2.