Please see the notes on Deprecated Components below. At work, where we made microanalysis systems, we would supply a PC as part of the system. There’s nothing I can do to help. These devices access your telescope hardware by way of native commands, so functionality can vary widely between various products. If you run your script by double-clicking it or using cscript on the command line, it uses the bit script engine. What Can I Use it For?

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This was embarrassing for me, and annoying to Chris Rowland. To see how to use Group Policy Editor to make this change: In this update, you want option 2.

SCU is a command line utility that can be run interactively or from a simple batch file that you can use in scripts or scheduled jobs. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. This 32 bit only driver won’t work in a 64 bit application even though it is correctly registered as a 32bit COM driver.

Hubs can exist for any type of device. Please note that telescope driver version numbers do not necessarily correlate with Platform version numbers.

Driver error Ascom Skywatcher in The Sky X Pro – Software Bisque

Disable Windows Update Service Very simple to implement, requiring only a few mouse clicks, works for all versions of windows This is a standalone PC and is not used for browsing or email, so unless someone gets through my hardware firewall… The reason I upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 was loaf its Microsoft Remote Desktop allowed multiple monitors.


It is down to Celestron to support their products.

Hopefully MS would honor that, they did not seem to honor the defer. This driver can use these transforms to convert between coordinate systems. What should I do?

Framework 4 has been available for a number of years and is provided for all operating systems that the Platform supports Windows XP onwards. Regardless, I greatly appreciate the efforts of everybody out there who works so hard to give us astronomers free and cheap software, and I am confident that it will eventually all get sorted out to the benefit of us all. Unread post Fri Nov 27, 3: Deprecated Capabilites For Developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The driver help file can be accessed through the help button on the driver setup screen. He has posted his findings to the SB site.

This will almost certainly not matter. There are a few issues that might make planetarium software GoTos appear to be less accurate than those initiated by the ServoCAT hand pad. This rarely does any good, and can often complicate steps that are required to fix a problem. You can click on Sync in your planetarium software and the ServoCAT position displayed on screen will move to the Chooswr point.


Driver error Ascom Skywatcher in The Sky X Pro

ITelescope, IDome, IFilerWheel and ISafetyMonitor interface documentation in the help file now clearly identifies the “required” members that all drivers must implement and that a client can expect to be functionally implemented. Chooser – When the mouse pointer hovers over the Properties Bob Denny Post to SB forum. Keep us updated on the W7 thing. You should get back to them and insist that they support their product. Sometime aroundRobert B.

NOVAS namespace are fully usable from. It looks like a driver, but it can allow more than one program to connect to it, and it in turn connects to the driver for the real device. Of course I suppose they could override that as well if they wanted to.

Telescope, which will invoke the “Telescope Simulator for. Unread post Tue Dec 15, 2: In some cases, this has revealed a weakness in the implementation of the serial port used by some inexpensive USB to serial port hardware.