If you still want to use the bundled remote, try installing LIRC; it has a nummber of pre-configured remotes and maybe one can match for the bundled remote. Please migrate any such information to the proper location. Could it have to do with my “line-in”? You can see the video of it at systm. One slightly confusing fact:

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TBSDTV Community Forum • View topic – Installing TBS driver in Ubuntu

See the link below for image and features http: This problem may also be likely related to the kernel bug that causes a race condition mentioned in the cx88 section linx the PCI TV Audio article. You can try Hauppauge’s application, though I don’t know if it will recognize it. Help answer threads with 0 replies. Try others, even from different manufacturers. Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux? Unknown device The audio stream often become corrupted when tuning channels using MythTV’s built-in channel tuner when using earlier kernels.

Please migrate any such information to the proper location. It seems to be the same card as 00f8 as far as I can tell. Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara wrote on Installing TBS driver in Ubuntu The delivered bitrate seems to match what MythTV requests, though.


CX88 cards list — The Linux Kernel documentation

The time now is Alpha5 is set to be released Thursday Sept 4. Unknown device 27dc rev 01 rob talviak Hello, this bug has been fixed upstream. This page has been locked and archived on September 27, pve-416 If so can you tell me what you did? If there are audio devices other than this card and the primary sound card, then you may want to use a number other than 1 for the device index. You shouldn’t need to reboot the computer; the driver should try to load the firmware the next time you access the video device files.

When I used the wrong one I got 1 channel named “Composite”, couldn’t change channels, volume worked.

You might be able to use the framegrabber device file to use the card as a software encoder without the firmware upload, though. This tuner does not have a FM Radio Tuner built into it. Of course, some details will differ on your system, particularly if you build relevant drivers into your kernel — they won’t then show up in the lsmod output.

This card is quirky enough that it may not be the safest choice for a primary MythTV tuner with earlier kernels; however, the use of a separate channel-change script makes it reliable enough to be used as a secondary tuner or if you never want to channel asuus.


Far better visual asuus though then I got in Windows – odd for once the linux ATI drivers my video card must be better than the windows ones. Oh, and this is for Feisty.

TBSDTV Community Forum

Leann also looked in the upstream git tree and didn’t see it there either. Note that I’ve omitted quite a few dmesg lines unrelated to the MD, as well as several repetitive i2c messages that probably are related to the board.

There are one of two ways you should be able to test: Good luck, let me know if it works or doesn’t. Detailed configuration Backend section pvd-416 this wiki describes MythTV backend configuration in more detail.

I have just always been stumped on what to do in software on this card. I have the same card.

If you get distorted audio even when using the asis channel-changing script, try uncommenting the sleep 1 line. Which ones are best for Linux though?