We have a look at the HIS Radeon HD , which happens to be the cheapest card in the UK, to find out how it compares to the fierce competition out there. HD series User Guide Multi language. This hybrid solution provides more efficient and quieter cooling than competing solutions for this generation of high performance graphics. The already overclocked graphics card can be pushed to further limits thanks to its innovative “Vapour chamber Technology”. We review the Radeon HD from Asus and look to see whether the game has changed at this hugely important price point.

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It has built an overclocked dual slot, dual fan, dual BIOS card which even packs in a fantastically old school turbo switch! Instead of focusing on building a really big GPU, AMD decided to go down the route of architectural efficiency — getting bd most performance into the smallest possible die space.

Enermax wants UK readers to take part in a simple survey about its new website, and in exchange get a chance to win a PC! One of the biggest optimisations in RV was its shader units.

The bundle in the retail package is complete and a great value added bonus to what you are getting though I would have liked to see a recent game included. Graphic Card User Guide 1.

Radeon HD 4870

We’ve seen the benchmarks and how ATI has comeback from nowhere to reclaim the mainstream performance crown, but ai behind this sudden change that makes the new HD series so compelling?

A lot of the design was new, but the basic principles were carried over from the Radeon HD architecture. Want to upgrade your system or build a PC this month and don’t know what parts to get? Editor’s Choice Sapphire continues to be innovative and brings new cards to the open market for consumers to pick.


Read on to find out!

So the heat from the GPU, memory and other components is carried away by the vapor chamber together with three heatpipes and heatsinks cooled by a thermally controlled fan venting outside the case. Now by adding 1 GB of GDDR5 to the outstanding Vapor-X cooling and dropping the prices the Sapphire Toxic series have become the go to series for mainstream gamers and budget minded performance builds.

It’s pretty easy to recommend this card to friends and family. Nvidia’s GT GPU arrived just a few days ago – we dive deep into the architecture to find out what’s changed inside the chip. Radeon HD coming in April.

AMD put them on a diet for a few months and the result vdr5 that they used 40 percent less die space than they did in RV with the same functionality.

We take a look to see if the result is customised perfection or more pimped out Nova. The Toxic offers a value for the performance and cooling it delivers.

PassMark – Radeon HD – Price performance comparison

The looks alone are truly both a beauty and a beast. Boasting an impressive aftermarket cooler from Zerotherm and an increased core clock, we take a look to see if it can compete in an increasingly crowded market. Radeom continues to be innovative and brings new cards to the open market for consumers to pick.

This enabled AMD to increase the number of shaders by two and a half times without increasing the die size massively. Win an Enermax PC built by bit-tech.

On this new model, the Vapor-X cooling solution is used to efficiently remove heat from the core logic. The rqdeon is that when the CCC controls the fan speeds the temperatures never hit 70C and peaked at 67C in my testing. With new and improved drivers from AMD and Nvidia and a whole batch of new graphically intensive games to test with, we’ve retested seven high end graphics cards to see how they perform in Far Cry 2, Fallout 3 and more!

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I haven’t seen a price to performance value like this since the first GTs.

True PC gamers and enthusiasts will appreciate the Sapphire HD Toxic Edition’s outstanding cooling improvements over the regular stock version.

We check out Palit’s completely redesigned card to see if it can stand up against the fierce competition on the market. All trademarks and logos are acknowledged as the property of their respective holders.

What Hardware Should I Buy?

AMD ATI Radeon HD 1GB |

Does the extra RAM make a difference, raveon how effective raden that cooler? The only place you’ll notice a difference between the X2 and is with synthetic benchmarking and on your VISA bill.

AMD has launched its latest high-end graphics card with a clear goal: We have a look at the HIS Radeon HDwhich happens to be the cheapest card in the UK, to find out how it compares to the fierce competition out there. We dive deep down inside to find out.