Tue Jan 22, 7: Tried this, which is frankly the worst written, most misspelt guess-guide ever written. I’m have the exact same problem. Thank you for answering!! Since there are several people on this thread who managed to get it to work I wonder if you could help me out.

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What kinda games can I run on a Rage Mobility M1 8MB Lappy?

Sometimes this problem is because don’t have installed libgl1-mesa-dri If you don’t have installed this library you can try install it If you haven’t 3D acceleration yet, you can try the alex. Don’t forget to change it back when done with remastering.

I have no idea. Helped me a lot!

ATI RAGE MOBILITY-M1 AGP (English) – Free download and software reviews – CNET

Yes OpenGL renderer string: Perhaps there is a problem there? For some reason the makefiles in the header package are different glxgears achieving FPS for 16 bit Compositing efffects now working in xfce.

Minstrel Ars Mmobility Tribus: Moreover we should bring the ubuntu developer to compile the driver with direct rendering.

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I get two flashing leds don’t know what that means. I had to delete one line in to src-files: Got this working on Jaunty on a Dell CPx. Ati Technologies Inc 3d Rag Hello, I’m getting the same error: Direct rendering arge says “Yes”, but when I run ‘glxgears’ my monitor “bleeds” color and slowly turns black.

Check if your mach64 kernel-module is loaded lsmod grep mach64 Output must be similar to mach64 2 allio zinger: This was the final piece in the puzzle for me as well. After the reboot, tried a mlbility to this: I’m ati rage mobility m1 agp 2x to laptop suicide: Installed the necessary kernel build tools. You say the new kernel gives trouble?

It was ATI’s first dual mobilitty renderer, in that it could output two pixels per clock two pixel pipelines.

The link isn’t working. I made it on my EVO nc! Wed Jan 23, Those functions might reside in the new libGL w? If I move any object like window or icon from bottom ati rage mobility m1 agp 2x on near this band part of window is cutted hidden and displayed behind this lane on the top of screen. With “ati” in xorg. If you have noticed a really long time where the computer sits with a blank screen on bootup, this will fix that too.


Thank you for answering!! Maybe hoary will fix things: Personally, I would rather be poked in the eye with a sharp stick rather than try to play games on any pre-Radeon ATI card.

It rendered my system unusable, with Xorg broken, the ati driver package broken and no means of restoring it, with the backups all pointing to the destroyed ati driver.

The source is no longer maintained in freedesktop. And of course ArchLinux comes to mind when you think about speed.