However, there is a solution:. Turns scanner and modem into fax machine Download Free Trial 3. E fax account and phone can be created within minutes. If the problem persists, do the following: You will also have to set your fax software to automatically receive faxes. In addition, you can easily access your e fax account anywhere at any time. Select the BitWare Fax Driver as the printer.

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The phone number for auto-registration is 1 Contact your telecommunications carrier, such as Telstra, to have CallerID enabled. However, there is a solution:.

Send and receive faxes by email with eFax right from your PC! Extract targeted business fax numbers from the internet for use in fax broadcast Download Free Trial 4.

As our modems are not dedicated hands-free speakerphone systems, some users may be disappointed with the quality of speakerphone mode. It can all be changed later under Setup-Station. Easy-to-use and powerful fax software package for your modem Download Free Trial No fax machine, dedicated phone line or toner required. BitWare has been instructed to dial the long distance code etc. Word, and bitwafe the log from there.


To do this, a patch cable is needs to connect the modem speaker to the speaker-in port. When using the soundcard for output with the modem’s speakerphone mode, output must be transferred instantaneously to the soundcard, rather than converting the output to WAV format.

Need Bitware Fax program for Windows 7

A few minutes later a result report will be faxed back to the number that is set in your Station ID. Right-click on the tool bar, and select customise.

How can I fix this? You receive real local or toll free number and you can send and receive faxes as email attachments. Apps Selected For You. If the problem persists, do the following: Now send a new fax.

Printing fax logs is one of these features. View the log, and click Log – Export Log.

Cheyenne Bitware

For macro name, type SendFax and click OK. The other option is to go to: Click OK The log is now saved as a text file on your hard ffax drive.

Create, send, receive and manage faxes directly from windows programs Download Free Trial If there is a problem sending faxes, set Setup-Transmit-Hardware Speed to Try changing to most sensitive or least sensitive – change the duration from 6 to 4 or 2.


Additionally, a second silence period at the beginning of the Initial Greeting allowing the modem to hear the tones helps with this problem. Simply Messenger PRO offers an easy-to-use Windows Explorer interface that allows users to electronically organize, file and retrieve faxes and voice messages directly on the desktop.

If for some reason you cannot connect, do the following:. It is a type of faxing tailor designed for internet world.

bitware fax , Free Download bitware fax Software

Faxes are sent directly to the users PC over their internet connection making it easy to access faxes while traveling or out of The Office.

Click Commandsand select Macros. Ensure BitWare is setup as follows: Download the file modems.