But in zm the best i get is x, and garbage instead of images garbage as in a lot of video noise, lines, dots and other stuff like that. While the driver has introduced 1 or 2 little problems, I get 3 Composite Video options in my format options.. Who is online Users browsing this forum: I;ve installed zm live cd 1. How to apply color correction using the Gradie No registered users and 0 guests. It supported it under Windows when I was using the generic software that came with it.

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It’s misdetected as gensric PVA, which has apparently never been a valid Provideo part number, and nobody seems to know why, see this thread. I am using 3 cameras.

Provideo – LinuxTVWiki

That’s it, now it’s a generic 4-input card with no audio or s-video, if you need audio then you’ll have to pick a different card to pretend to genegic. BT x troubles By Venner in forum Capturing. How did the direct capture to divx5 go? Saved me buying a new video capture card, and it looks pretty good.

Fix your modprobe settings as detailed above, and suddenly it works! Anyone know if this supports higher resolutions under linux? Whenever i want to see the events i get a message along the lines of I have it working sort of I think. You could even go down to 8.


Generic Drivers for BT – VideoHelp Forum

There are 4 small headers generif one large one, there are also two 2-pin connectors and the unpopulated footprint for a molex power connector. BrookTree BThow to tune tv? You can do the full size PAL capture directly into Divx? It works just great under windows, i mean colour, and different resolutions.

OBS Studio screen recording generiic streaming guid Retrieved from ” https: I use the following driver on Windows XP, but, according to the documentation it supports Windows as well. Reliable and not resource hungry as well.

While the driver has introduced 1 or 2 little problems, I get 3 Composite Video options in my format options. They get fairly darn hot from switching between the inputs and it genneric affect the performance of the device including it stability. Let me know if anything else is needed that could help.

If this cable is plugged into connector 2, the “blue” and “green” cables are the video inputs, and the “red” connectors do nothing. What settings I need to do. Something else you can do is either put a dvd player on an input and see if you still see the same effect from that, then you know it’s something on the computer. I dont get a picture.


Generic Bt878 capture card driver problems

One of the cameras is in modetect mode. Now I’ve seen another thing happening This page has been accessed 5, times.

Since this card has four inputs all going to one BT, all four must be exactly the same. Any ideeas what can i do? The PV is a port capture card, with four BT chips, each wired to 4 inputs. The time now is Run dmesg from the console after this problem starts, any errors that the kernel encounters show up usually here towards the end of the output as far as things hardware related which includes capture cards Not IP cams though.

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