Just go and see what you might find. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Makes me want to go visit a local Circuit City tomorrow and see if they have it. I am happy for you that you made the right choice. And now that I look back on it, its been fun, actually So, would I recommend a bluray for everyone? Sorry, but I focus on the audio last, and the majority of my testing almost always excludes audio, as these demonstrations proved.

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I purchased those several movies though not specifically because I wanted to see what the quality aspects were about, plus what this medium has to offer in terms of special features, menus, etc.

So, I can’t wait to set that one up, too. One was an mpeg-2 and the other was an h buffaol.

Buffalo Brhc-6316u2 MediaStation External Blu-ray HD DVD Combo Drive

Neither does it seem to accept already created bluray folders: Quick erase –is 2 minutes to complete. Let me try this out right now.

You never know what some clerk might have shuved in those areas. I couldn’t believe the amount of poor experiences those members were having. This unit is imho, a solid built unit. Compile a Bluray disc with: All in all, this was a successfull first try outs.


I think their bluray app is Tmpgenc authoring works?

But at least I don’t have to wait for quick-erase functions. I am happy for you that you made the right choice.

Donatello – The Shredder? They had a couple left in stock.

Buffalo BRHC-6316U2 User Manual

Online might be even cheaper. Gosh, I can’t wait for BR discs to go down in price. But this brh-6316u2, I guess I robbed them, for a change I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to get a good deal on anything cause I thought they would all be take up. I actually visited the Buffalo forum boards. I’m in the same boat.

Bkffalo advice is to start with a rewritable disc.


Otherwise, all my other searches turned up nothing, unless you shop online. DVWannaBI’ll let you do the honors of testing and finding that out, as I’m not fully breasted on such things.

And, you can pick one up at your nearest Staples. And if you see something behind another, ask to see the first package so that the other can be revealed then ask to see: I am interested in only USB devices, for easy connection and portability purposes. I miss the great sound I used to get with dvd movies when I had it connected to my old-er generation soundblaster card, which I long time ago removed from my system, maybe 5 years ago, replaced by my turtle beach still in my win98 pc but without EAX support: I can live with that.


I got that one over by the camera section. I think my new western digital tv media player will suffice for now. I too have gone the with 1TB HD storage with them being so cheap these days.

MediaStation External BluRay/HD-DVD Combo | Buffalo Americas

Gosh, I hope I don’t have to eat those words, later on Anyway. Nero 8 re-encodes the videos to mpgv files. Actually, all my store purchases were sucessfull, every one of them. So, total cost, adding up bluray-everything: Buffal don’t plan on burning one disc for the rest of my life, though this bluray business has definately been a learning experience for me: