Do you have a QVSX camera? Although we confess that using a tripod is still necessary to obtain the best results. Good color accuracy for the most part, but the blue flowers and pants of the model are rendered as rich purples – an odd anomaly. Download these images, print on your own printer at typical sizes you’ll be working, and see how they look: Overview With the QVSX, Casio steps into the “megapixel” leagues, also including their first autofocus lens on a camera, a surprisingly versatile flash, and sadly stepping away from their by-now trademark swiveling lens design. In-Camera Image Manipulation As digital cameras become increasingly “smarter,” it becomes practical to do more and more image manipulation within the camera itself.

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The LCD viewfinder has the casio qv 5000sx digital camera of avoiding parallax problems, particularly at close quarters, casio qv 5000sx digital camera showing what the CCD array is actually looking at. The resulting movies can be played back directly on the camera’s screen, or downloaded as composite images to the host computer, where they can be assembled back into a movie via software.

LCD screens also consume large amounts of battery power, and for this reason, the ca,era allows you to turn the screen off or on at any time. Like many smaller digital cameras, it will fit comfortably in the average shirt pocket, but its weight clearly won’t let you forget that it’s there.

All of these provide for basic image manipulation and project creation. Resolution and color quality were neither the best nor worst we’ve seen in equivalent cameras. This is quite a broad range, running from casio qv 5000sx digital camera low djgital levels up to full sunlight, although the very brightest scenes in bright sunlight are likely to wash out.

Please immediately replace the match and the function normal adapter to confirm is caused by the adapter. Manual focus override is important because most autofocus cameras will simply refuse to take a picture if they aren’t able to achieve a solid focus lock. Look for our full writeup on the QVSX about July 4 – we’ll go into our usual depth on all casio qv 5000sx digital camera operating modes and features.


LCD screens also consume large amounts of battery power. In Play mode, you also have the option of zooming in on the images, using the LCD screen as a “window” into the full picture. Several of the included software packages casio qv 5000sx digital camera for image manipulation, and the creation of various projects such as calendars, cards, etc.

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Casio qv 5000sx digital camera rather short focal length lens distorts the model’s face, meaning you probably wouldn’t want to use the ‘ for close portraits like this. While we’re sad to see the “past” and “future” recording modes go, we’re pleased by the autofocus casio qv 5000sx digital camera and the higher resolution that the QVSX brings.

Light, inexpensive, bring-anywhere tripods are generally a bit rickety, particularly if used at full extension. Of course, there are downsides to LCD viewfinders as well: One of the big challenges in creating panoramas is to have all the initial images line up properly, and to include enough overlap between them to allow the software to smoothly blend from one image to the next.

Assuming you don’t have direct sunlight falling on the LCD panel, you can get a pretty good idea of what the exposure will look like on 5000sd final image, although we observed that the viewfinder is a bit darker under low-light conditions than the final image will be.

As you might expect, the in-camera image-assembly is only of sufficient quality for display on the small LCD screen: In particular, caxio the flash was used for “fill” illumination with bright incandescent lighting, the pictures tended to have a very strong yellow cast.

Casio QV QV-5000SX 1.3MP Digital Camera – Metallic grey

The optical viewfinder k on the QVSX is about in the middle of the pack in terms of accuracy. The QVSX’ built-in macro capability worked quite well, even surprisingly so, given the lens’ wide-angle casio qv 5000sx digital camera length. While the digital tele really does no more than pre-crop the image area for you down to xwe felt it could be particularly useful for web publishers with macro needs.

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Beginning with this review, we will be accommodating this request with special copies of each review formatted to allow the text flow to be dictated casio qv 5000sx digital camera the browser window. Indicators in the upper left-hand corner show canera flash mode no icon means auto-flashand whether or not the lens is set to macro mode.

Casio QVSX Specs – CNET

Overall, the ‘s color rendition was quite good, clearly in the mainstream of megapixel-class digital cameras. Casio qv 5000sx digital camera on the QV can be 32 or 64 frames long, stored as four x images in memory.

Many third- or fourth-generation digital cameras such as the QVSX are allowing much longer exposure times than were possible with earlier devices.

Spin Panorama is a panorama “stitching” program, that lets you combine multiple shots into wide panoramic views.

As noted earlier, the flash on the QVSX is significantly improved over that of earlier Casio cameras, producing very naturally-colored images casio qv 5000sx digital camera the bright incandescent ambient lighting conditions that previously caused severe problems. Here are samples shot with the EV setting turned down 2 steps and turned down 4 steps. In this mode, long sequences of low-resolution x images are captured in casio qv 5000sx digital camera rapid succession at 0.

We were puzzled, in that the first time we tried the faster card, we noticed a substantial improvement, whereas subsequently, we saw little difference. Colors are slightly muted, and detail is slightly soft, but the image holds up surprisingly well even to higher-priced competition.

In practice, we found that the QV could produce usable images down to an exposure level of about EV5 in “night” mode see belowor EV 8 in “normal” mode. While we found the ‘s 2x digital zoom quite useful, we felt it would be hard to find a practical use for the 4x output.