Gently inserting one and then two thicknesses of stiff plastic card prised them apart but the stage plastic is brittle so requires caution. Purchasable as a book or the first edition 36 pages can be freely downloaded in pdf format. The field of ca. Founded in in Atlanta, Georgia, Digital Blue has received accolades for its innovative products. The author has tried extending the LED legs to bring it central but this gives a hotspot. The software supplied is very easy to use and offers a range of features.

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Scientific understanding changes over time.

There’s no eyepiece with this baby, as it’s a USB microscope that displays specimen images on the computer screen. The genus Campylobacter is composed of Gram-negative bacteria species that are naturally occurring in the environment; the most common causes of food poisoning; colonize oral cavities, mucosal surface….

The Digital Blue QX5 microscope was the result. It can also capture digital stills and videos of specimens.

The camera and lights still need a Microsccope connection to operate. Since you’ve already submitted a review for this product, this submission will be added as an microscipe to your original review.

Digiblue QX5 microscope drivers

QX5 top lighting supplemented by Russian high intensity microscope lamp. The time lapse is a particularly exciting feature. The author has tried extending the LED legs to bring it central but microsvope gives a hotspot.


Leave me a comment in the box below. Mac users can download free software to use this product.

Trial using a condenser. Rhizobium are a group of Gram-negative soil bacteria that are well known for their symbiotic relationship with various leguminous soybeans, alfalfa etc.

Comments Have your say about what you just read on MicroscopeMaster! Don’t suppose anyone has the drivers for the Digiblue USB microscope handy? The author owns Neat Image and has used it in all the images below. Perhaps you’ve heard of the popular Intel Play QX3 microscope?

Digital Blue QX5 – microscope

It boasts better lighting, a higher resolution, and speedier video playback over the old QX3. Qs5 is reflected in the extensive resources for teachers and students that have been developed for it and the enthusiasts of all ages sharing their experiences and images, see below for a selection. Video – live green hydra, 60x.

Images are used with permission as required. Had the same problems with the digicams from IntelPlay. Type ‘QX3’ into search box. VGA masters resized to x The microscope is ca. Button top right exits program, button bottom right goes back to live image capture menu.


For instance, external lights and filters can allow for some dark field and polarized microscopy; modifying the condenser system can micriscope enhance images.

Fun with a QX5 digital microscope, the upgraded QX3. A personal review.

Most of these items fall into the realm of what an elementary student would explore at home or school. Typical selling prices for the QX5 in Nov.

The maker’s were helpful who informed me that the ‘initial release’ didn’t have this feature but the ‘latest version’ does. The test subjects below show that the lenses give a good account of themselves.

Flaming or offending other users. Like the QX3, modifications can be made to the microscope to improve its capabilities.

Line 2 External cold light box used as shown above. The stated upgrades are: Images are autosaved in a proprietary.