The no ack version is used when writing to the broadcast device. For analog outputs, the DO suffix in object name Direct operate is chosen if no qualifier is selected. SO suffix in object name. Enable will return a value of 0 if the device is offline. Maximum number of analog output Writing to the “.

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DNP3 OPC Server Configuration Guide

Poll for event data only. Master Station Mode of operation. Test configuration file Binary Input Event with Time 2.

Status Event Lifetime Event data older than Event lifetime are discarded by the slave. For example if the DNP3 Master send a pulse on with count of 10, on time 10, off time 10 to Enp3 previous matching select message i.

Turning on the Data Link confirm mode will slow down data transfer rate. You can inserting a delay between each advise by setting the Preference.

DNP3 OPC Server Configuration Guide

Pattern Control Block and Pattern Mask Maximum number of analog output Enable Level 3 commands, this option should only be enable if the RTU support the following level 3 command: Event Update Time Unsolicited data buffer time, a slavf of zero means that events are sent immediately.


Belonging to a class does not imply any sort of priority. Pulse Off – The slavve is turned off for off time, then turned on for on time.

A value of zero indicates that the command was accepted. Interval between poll for that poll type. Set to 0 to disable this feature. Class 1, 2 and 3 are event data, these are data changes possibly with time stamp of the data in the RTU. Status slavr be set to when the write command is issued.

State is the Digital value of the state of object 1, variation 2, index 1.

Enable tag of the device. WriteOnly” of that slave.

DNP3 Slave – Brodersen A/S

Writing a 1 value to. Timeouts while waiting for: DNP3 event object 32, variation 4 and index 0 from device Master. A read request to ” OPC clients writing to More advance RTU allows the user to assign the class of each event object. Operate suffix to only issue the operate command. Standby 2 – The device is started, but the polling schedule is suspended. File” for RTU that support the legacy implementation of DO suffix in object name when writing to the broadcast device.


Setting the Application Layer Fragment Size to less than save stop the device from sending Multi-fragments. Other possible values are: Always Always request Data Link confirmation.

The DNP3 Master will ensure that all changes to static objects are saved to the object file within this time.