Saturday, July 18, 6: I noticed because my skype contacts would randomly stop hearing me as well as ventrilo stopped getting sound from the mic as well. Sign in to vote. I am my friend have the same issue. I tried this just now. I never had this problem with the logitech and I was wondering if perhaps it is a compatibility issue because these headphones are very new. I’ll go through the routine again of uninstalling and changing audio configurations again in an attempt to see if there is anything different with this headset.

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I don’t know who to be angry with. Yeah meow, your pretty much spot on.

Device manager tells you how much currant the headset uses and its less than the mA allowed I think its mA so within allowable limits thats under load playing music If this headset does require a powered USB Hub then surly Razer has fooled everyone into buying a product that will only work reliablely after buying extra hardware.

The only programs I’ve tried it with are Counter-Strike 1. My headset sounded amazing before the firmware.

Saturday, November 7, 9: Dx-usbcrbh will be interesting to see how auraofvengence gets on after trying a different hub. I can’t help but feel a little let down.

Dynex DX-USBCRHB Manual

Well even if you do find the thing to be overheating it wont matter. Connected on powered USB hub. Other people seems to be having the same problem.


They sound great but on the first night using them the mic cut out only once so i wasnt too concerned. Yeah, also think that is the solution for now. IE, if you have front and back usb ports plug all your stuff in the back and plug only the megalodon in the front or Vice Versa.

Windows 7 IT Pro.

DX-USBCRHB Driver – Dynex

When its plugged directly into the computer only my Mic dies on the same dynrx frame. Vista users want to make sure that Service Pack 2 SP2 has been installed on their computers. The Megalodon has just been released and we have heard of a few customers synex are expericiancing bandwidth and other issues when attempting to use the Dx-uusbcrhb Megalodon. I thought with the current hub’s im testing one powered, one not that it was fixed since it lasted a few hours before anything happend.

The computer does have automatic shut offs for drawing too much power through current or voltage. Sunday, November 1, 2: There is no cooling or ventilation for it and when the control box is fitted together it encloses all the circuitry making the everything get quite hot, even though it does not feel that hot from the outside.

Im aware ppl have tried this and it did not work for them, but if you haven’t tried this I highly suggest you do.

On vista i had to turn the mic level up to on the control unit to get it to work in vista. Another quicky solution that may help some of you out is pluging the USB into its own controller.


Then perhaps it is because there is less power going into the unit that it heats slower aka not overheating like it does when hooked up to the computer hubs. I’ve been in contact with an Engineer over at Razer for a few days.

Dx ubdb9 Drivers

I got myself a Powered USB hub a couple days ago and so far this has fixed the issue for me. Tuesday, December 29, 6: I suspect Jordan Van Dyk that either you have not tested for long enough or you just got lucky when you used a powered USB hub. FYI used it on Vista 64 and Sunday, September 27, 7: Powered or not it’s working and I can’t find any documentation that the hub inside the monitor is powered.

I did not try the external powered usb hub. I dont have anything else plugged into USB. I even stated I was going to be attending a high profile LAN competition being sponsered by computer manufacturers etc but it did not seem to bother them that they might get loads of bad press.

I have no mic issues, only sound cut-off after x minutes, or static, usually before cut-off.