The only bad thing is, it will only work with a computer usb connection which a lot of people, including myself dislike. I’ve read and agree to terms of the Open Source Licenses. While there has not been any changes in the function, the improved sound quality is something that possibly worth crafting for. The rig they were connected to had a terrible Realtek chip inside it which was doing disastrous things to the audio channel. Not only does it have its own character, but it does good things for gamers that play for many hours at a time with a little less fatigue than some solid-state amps, but also has a bass-boost switch which many will also love.

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How fast time flies… I remember the moment when I first time listened to a FiiO E10 together with my friend Savu and both fiio usb dac e10 quite a shock. Pros – Compact, Inexpensive, useful Connections, has a personality.

It brings everything to crisp pure life and detail. PhelixNov 22, This also makes it easier for laptop use on-the-go, and can be converted to micro-usb if you really fiio usb dac e10 to use it with your Android. There is also a fantastic bass boost switch on the FiiO which does pump up the lower frequencies in a very pleasant and restrained manner.

FiiO E10 Olympus USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

This small device is able to bring life fiio usb dac e10 your music. Rated 5 out of 5 by EdH from Very nice Windows 7 auto-installed the drivers for fio device and made it the default audio device. In this respect the E10 excels. A little more clear too. The result is not a slightly less harsh overall tone, but still tons of detail.


Issues regarding E10K’s indicator light 6.

There was some improvement to the soundstage, mainly with the Superlux, since it is semi-open and already has a wider soundstage signature than the Shure, but there was also an audible difference with the Shure, and it surprised me how good the soundstage could be in a closed-back set of headphones.

Fiio usb dac e10 imagine I would hate this with the HD, M50 or anything with a larger mid-bass hump. I still use the Xonar card for speakers.

Rated 5 out of 5 dca Anonymous from Solid compromise This thing relativly cheap way to fiio usb dac e10 improve your audio experiance.

This is useful for particularly low impedance things, as the High Gain switch works best for the majority of things I have tried. I would highly recommend this product. It also eliminated the hiss that I fiio usb dac e10 be able to hear when listening straight from the headphone jack from my laptop, thus, improving the listening experience drastically. The clarity of music with this device, with Beyerdynamic DT headphones, is significantly better than the output from the Xonar D1.

Although to be clear, I personally do not really hear said veil myself. I’ve seen graphs ush the E10 and it doesn’t look bad, so I don’t know why it sounds so weird to me. If my memory serves me well rac even named the E10 Product of the Year back in The s have a sufficiently neutral response to make them useful for monitoring purposes and testing mixes on balanced ‘phones.

Fiio E10 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

Fiio usb dac e10 FiiO E10 has rescued me from that at a very decent price. Input foio security code of your products to become a community VIP user, so as to get product medal and track repair status anytime. I have a particularly talented motherboard with a rogue set of audio chips that outperform their expectation. Sounds great for my needs.


FiiO E10 Olympus USB DAC Headphone Amplifier | eBay

If you can use an internal soundcard though, there’s really no competition: Do you already have an account? Drives fiio usb dac e10 Beyerdynamic DT ohm. I wouldn’t say it is an impressive build quality, but it does feel solid and nice with its aluminum outer casing and rubbery feet.

It features a selectable bass boost and low-pass filter, both with circuitry optimized for a low noise floor when engaged, allowing you to customize the sound of your audio to your tastes.

In my office, for example, I don’t have the luxury of installing a soundcard so I’m happily using it until I fiio usb dac e10 something better. Mastering quality lossless playback at an affordable rate. It also works without a hitch on Windows fiio usb dac e10 Linux, no driver installation necessary. Also, for future expansion, this device also includes an analog unamplified line out in the back as well as a digital coaxial output.