Sitemap Privacy Notice Terms of Use. The PS rugged handheld is built with an e-compass, altimeter, integrated GPS and a G-sensor accelerometer that can measure speed, vibration and rotation. The idea here is that almost all letters are “unistrokes,” or consisting of a single uniterrupted stroke, which makes them easy to recognize for the computer. Power Battery life is always an issue when you’re in the field and the next charger is miles away. The 5,mAH battery used in the PS is rated at up to 12 hours between charges, good for full-shift operation and more. Bluetooth Class II 2.

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Compared to earlier versions of Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile 6. It is running the Windows Mobile 6. This field-ready workhorse was built for power, functionality and ruggedness. It also has Windows Live, the Windows Media player and a good complement of utilities and security features. Visual differences include the new model’s expanded keypad 29 vs.

Any of those input methods, once mastered, work very well. Getac PS on the job.

Topcon GETAC PS236 Controller

We assume those will be available for the PS as well. It can handle 4-foot drops, and survived 26 getqc drops in standarized testing, with the unit on. These new features are meant to let field-based users capture a much richer, expanded range of field data on-site.

That is very accurate and enough for most mapping and GPS applications. Bluetooth Class II 2. This data-capture capability is ;s powerful tool for field professionals who need to handle logistics management and asset tracking with greater efficiency.


Industry’s Best 3-Year Warranty. Touch works as well, but the Windows Mobile interface is clearly designed for a stylus. Insulating mechanical material and exceptional circuit designs are applied to ensure the PS is ignition-proof and instrinsically safe.

Rugged PC – Rugged Handhelds: Getac PS

The PS includes a separate altimeter, is able to determine pitch and roll, probably via an accelerometer, and can also detect barometric pressure. This can greatly extend battery life, though it can also be annoying to have to wake gehac up all the time.

And Getac isn’t neglecting legacy connectivity either; the PS still has a full DB9 RS serial port to communicate with the many field and testing peripherals that still use serial. Operation of the PS is via keypad or stylus.

For data entry, the Windows Mobile-based PS offers a wealth of options. The PS rugged egtac is built with an e-compass, altimeter, integrated GPS and a G-sensor accelerometer that can measure speed, vibration and rotation. The PS features a 3.

Getac | Handhelds

We’re not sure if the PS will replace the PS or if they’ll co-exist, with the PS filling the role as the high-performance, high-end expandable model, and the exiting PS becoming the entry-level offering.

It’s an attractive design with a handy keypad for rapid data entry, and will compete directly with the ultra-rugged PDA offerings from the likes of Trimble, TDS and Juniper Systems. Whereas IP54 means mostly protected against dust and protected against water spray from all directions, the PS is completely sealed against dust and is also totally waterproof, even when geta in water.


Getac PS product page. Of most interest to prospective customers is the new model’s IP67 ingress protection rating. Windows Embedded Handheld 6.

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And whereas the Block Recognizer lets you shift case, the Letter Recognizer, which goes back to a product called “Jot” by CIC Communication Intelligence Corporation, has different data entry boxes for upper case, lower case and numerals. Featuring a large 3.

The built-in camera enables instant visual data capture on location 263 its resolution and quality are high enough so that taking a fragile camera along may not be necessary. A small phone-style microphone is below the keypad. It has a 3-megapixel autofocus camera, a GPS receiver, an electronic compass, and an altimeter. To the right pd the numeric keypad is the WIndows key that brings up the Today screen, OK, enter, and the power button.

The slightly abstracted alphabet is quite easy to learn.