The existing HPGL export of Inkscape is very basic, and i found that it is missing two important features: Any port setting is wrong. Jan 11, 6: And even if some users manage to do so it is missing some major features that are not compatible with windows. I am trying to get it on my laptop running vista, but I had no luck getting it to work. Since the knife is dragged behind, the path on the right will result in sharp edges on the plot:.

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April 6th, Apr 6, 1: If you go to there web site they do have a link where snijplotter are cutting out a design from transfer I’ve read it several times but I’m still not sure about the lining up part. It is against our Forum Guidelines.

Password Please enter a password for your user account. And 6MB of cache cannot be filled so quickly with baud.

The machine is turned off wrongly before finishing the cutting last time. Apply lubrication oil to the contacting place between the paper pressure rack and the guide rail. The Rabbit machines cannot contour cut.


Information on Plotter: Rabbit HX – Page 3 – T-Shirt Forums

Thx for the support, but I got the plotter up and running. January 11th, Jan 11, 6: Both features are vital when plotting on a Swivel Knife Plotter That is the most common type of Snijplottre.

June 22nd, If anyone gets this working under Vista, let ‘m know. Please enter a valid email address for yourself. Overcut and Tool Offset correction.

Snijplotter, Merk: HELO, Type: HSP – Auctionista

It can now send the Data to the serial interface by itself. The COM port of computer is damaged. You can call me: What plotter should I buy?

Vinyl Cutters Plotters and Transfers. It only runs under Windows after installing tons of Python Software in an specific fashion. The existing HPGL export gelo Inkscape is very basic, and i found that it is missing two important features: Add Thread to del.

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If the item is too detailed it will also crash. Tweet about this Thread!

After thinking about the problem for a while, I found there may be some other possible sources for the erroneous behaviour besides a completely faulty firmware inside of the Helo:. Any port setting is wrong. Snijpootter pressure is too large use two paper pressure rollers. We take your privacy very seriously. As far as the plotter goes it seems to be fine.


As a temp solution, I have uploaded the instruction set to Rapidshare.

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Cheers Do you mind if I asked how you are sending your work from corel to the cutter I couldn’t find away to do that. The memory on the plotter is small so if you try to send alot at one time it will freeze.

And the knockout argument against InkCut is that it does not run under Windows. Originally Posted by blueflagdeals This post has been a lot of help, thank you all!