To me the biggest fear is blindly trying to cut it away dremmel? I posted the preveious sealed unit up for sale, but very little interest on it. Find More Posts by slow8. Last edited by Stangfun; at Find More Posts by zbrown. If Holley doesn’t make their ECU’s who does? Last edited by dieselgeek ; February 7th, ,

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Sealed USB Data Cable

It really gets me mad when I see these and the 5V rail threads pop up. So be very very careful. Last edited by bramagedained; at Holleh More Posts by slow8. Find More Posts by B Williams. Holley told me that they at least designed their own board and firmware, but I was told that by AEM once too which is a joke, their series 1 and 2 were outsourced designs originally intended for OEM use.

Find More Posts by Efu if parts fall off. It’ll be fun they said.


The dreaded damaged USB on Holley Dominator EFI – Yellow Bullet Forums

There is no way to remove the board Visit Rick Finsta’s homepage! Find More Posts by bramagedained. The only way I could see getting to that pin would be cutting away the material and hopefully exposing enough of the pin uusb solder to.

Everyone else has them assembled elsewhere by companies that specialize in placing components.

I’ll get some pics posted. Don’t assume just because you had one laptop that was repairable that every single USB connector out ksb is as well. Some of the stuff I have looked at is not easily disassembled. Originally posted by dieselgeek View Post.

Find More Posts by Krinkov. Page 1 of 9. Potting means the board is coated or whole housing is filled with epoxy, usually as a measure to prevent components being damaged or coming loose from vibration. That being said, Yolley am surprised Holley didn’t help you out more than that. Previous 1 2 3 4 template Next.

USB connector in Holley ECU is VERY delicate – The Forums

Last edited by Stangfun; at Find More Posts by Rick Finsta. The 4 pins for the USB stick out of the potting material and at least one of the 4 pins broke off flush or below the potting material.


Find More Posts by zbrown. Did the same thing!

You either get through hole or surface mount. Last edited by dieselgeek ; February 7th, Last edited by Krinkov; at The little plastic thing in the connector that held the contacts had disintegrated.

Send a private message to B Williams. Originally Posted by Krinkov How would you suggest getting through the potting material? I don’t know who “they” are For those efo, send an offer.

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