More items related to this product. But I also run a website on it, some monitoring software, so that’s why I didn’t want to buy a regular Linksys or Zytel embedded router. If you are into the market for a very small, silent, efficient, yet capable home server, please take this device into consideration. Environment The device is very economic, I estimate power consumption at about 25 watt when idle. How they do that for this money is something I don’t get.

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With all of that done, the server was put back into the cupboard where it lives and fired hp proliant microserver n40l to be put back into service!

I decided to add another 2 x 3TB drives to bring my total up to 12TB of microserer but I was going to be short of a drive bay, the server only has 4. When it is idle, you don’t hear this server running. For a full server with all other required components and such a great form hp proliant microserver n40l, it’s quite a handy little thing.

The second fan is housed inside the tiny power supply, but although it is small, the fan makes little noise. Enjoy my blog or find it useful? There’s also my RSS Feed.


Weekend project: Server Upgrade

Disks By default, a GB disks is included. So you can put four large SATA disks into this device. The MicroServer is quite a hp proliant microserver n40l little box of tricks and although I’m sure you’ll work it out by yourself, the videos do give you a bit of extra confidence.

It’s been a reliable little work horse and has ticked along quite happily. I installed all the new components in the server after hoovering out the mountain of dust Installation When you are installing the card, check your BIOS configuration to hp proliant microserver n40l the server will choose the primary display card automatically the defaultrather than hard-coded to use the onboard VGA controller. More items related to this product.

HP Proliant MicroServer N40L Port Numbering

You may also like. Once configured, open a browser to the IP you previously configured and you should get the login screen:. London – UK 27th – 28th November. The fun thing hp proliant microserver n40l though, that behind that door is room for four pproliant. All in all I would recommend the HP Proliant Microserver to anyone looking for a compact well specified server.

The server came with 2GB by default and RAM is so cheap these days that upgrading it is an absolute no-brainer. This disk takes up one of the four drive pdoliant.

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It hp proliant microserver n40l so many capabilities at such a low price!

HP ProLiant N40L (658553-421) Server

Does everything I want it to do. Sydney – Australia 17th – 21st September.

So, here’s a few pointers: Compatibility I was able to install Ubuntu See also this page. Those HP engineers who created this device should get a thumbs up.

You can see the 4 bays in that picture and also the optical drive. The specs aren’t what you might call fast but it certainly packs a whole load of punch.

HP ProLiant N40L () Server | eBay

There are two USB ports at the back, four at the front. Once logged in, you’ll be presented with a menu down the left hand side, with the main content on hp proliant microserver n40l right. This 1-socket model offers seamless operation and availability of the provided services. The device is very economic, I estimate power consumption at about 25 watt when idle.

There are just two fans. Most of it is pretty self-explanatory:.