Joined Jan 2, Messages What I understand you need to do first two steps as described, it will be the same in Windows, as you are accessing Web page: There would be two codes — old and new. Info and download link here: The interface provides free Huawei unlock code, which you can supply to your modem and use it with any other SIM afterward. Too many times, modems come with inbuilt restrictions, which limit their functionality.

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Thanks to Ginggs for developing this utility. Huawei HiLink modems E, E, etc.

Info and download link here: All you got to do is follow these easy steps: Now, you can easily get back Huawei deleted photos or any other kind of data. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Even though the E dashboard shows the E is hiliink which it isthe route used for the SpeedTest.

Call us now for more info if huawei e3131 hilink have any questions about our products. We hope that by now, you must have obtained the IMEI number of your huawei e3131 hilink.

Download Firmware Update Huawei E Hilink and Normal Modem Free | Router Unlock

Joined Jun 26, Messages 11, Picked this up when analysing huawei e3131 hilink SpeedTest. All you got to do is follow these easy steps:. Isolated the problem for seemingly poor performance of E using HiLink drivers. Unlike the serial modems drivers, the HiLink huawei e3131 hilink do not replace the gateway IP in the route table when initialised.


After generating the Huawei E unlock code, you need to write it on your device to remove all the restrictions.

There would be two codes — old and new. In order to proceed, you would need the following:. Anybody using multiple Huawei e3131 hilink connections should read this. These guys have a “free” 3G Internet!

Huawei HiLink modems (E303, E3131, etc.)

Over the last few months, it has become a popular choice for a wifi hotspot modem. Welcome to Shop 4G Broadband Here! Joined Jan 2, Messages It is usually written on the back side or just before the SIM slot.

With unlocked version, it could work well huawei e3131 hilink all the providers’ 3G network all over the world.

The latency using the E modem with the HiLink huawei e3131 hilink is more than double that of the K using the serial port drivers. At this point, no resources will be assigned to the device, so you will not know what COM port to e131 to address the modem. Simply follow these foolproof instructions and be prepared to unlock Huawei E device of yours. You can find it written on your device.


Free Solution to Unlock Huawei E Modem: % Working-

Make sure that your device is compatible with Huawei Code Calculator. Still not as good as the K, but acceptable. Menu Search Account Compare.

Average Down is now 2. Additionally, there would be a Flash code.

free download driver 3g hspa usb modem unlock huawei e3131 hilink

So, why the poor performance? Additionally, with the new version, you can simply obtain the unlock code without the need of downloading any software. The only way to find out whether modem is huawei e3131 hilink or HiLink sucks is w3131 enable serial interface. Enjoy shopping and 5-star service here!