This PCB is connected by two ribbon cables that are hard-soldered. This driver also fixes issues with using the ScrollPoint in Google Chrome. Since optical technology provides precision control without a mechanical ball, there is no need for a mouse pad. The differences with these ones is that they now use an DPI sensor instead of the optical-sensing ball; the sides are now coated with the rubber paint and the ScrollPoint mechanism now lights up! Finding ScrollPoints in new condition is more uncommon, but not impossible.

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Upon removing the top bezel, the buttons are actually detachable from the bezel. Response time will vary depending on the number and nature of calls received. David Hill the industrial designer of the mouse remarked: Many used ScrollPoints will have little to no wear as they are generally ibm scrollpoint mouse used in service extensively from users ultimately swapping them out for a wheel-based mouse; at least, this ibm scrollpoint mouse common for a time when IBM bundled ScrollPoints with all of their computers such as IntelliStations but ended after a period due to customer disastisfaction.

No mechanical ball to get ib, dirty or stolen. These early ScrollPoints were mistakenly reported to use pressure pads instead of the resistance measuring mechanism as found on the TrackPoint.

Approximately five minutes Packaging: Ideally it would be nice to ibm scrollpoint mouse the transparency tracking features of Revision A, coupled with revision A’s more sensitive ScrollPoint, and revision B’s faster cursor sensitivity. Various online sellers and auctions will generally have ScrollPoint mice available scrollppoint bulk.

Search for specific manufacturers, categories, location or by the name of a service provider. From what I can gather the slate blue ScrollPoints came out first and the metallic black ones came out after with some changes. The ScrollPoint pointing stick is ideal for both horizontal and vertical scrolling, unlike standard wheel mice.


The original ScrollPoints used a “cat’s tongue” TrackPoint cap: Invite Suppliers to Bid for this product Didn’t find what you were looking to buy? After in extensive use the microswitch will cut the plastic of either left or right clickable buttons and the thumb button if you use that frequently. The slate blue mice are presumably less common ibm scrollpoint mouse were ibm scrollpoint mouse manufactured with IBM logos because this colour ibm scrollpoint mouse dropped with the later models.

Planning Information Cable Orders Required: Price quotes mpuse available directly from the Supplier s upon request. You have to use a fine pair of pliers to snip the excess plastic out, shown here:.

The next important thing is that the Slate Blue ScrollPoints ibm scrollpoint mouse have a slightly slower cursor seems to be firmware-related BUT they are able to work with transparent surfaces glass, clear plastic, etc.

Options by IBM: IBM Optical 3-Button ScrollPoint Mouse — 800 dpi — PS/2 & USB

They discontinued the more elaborate ScrollPoint III Pro Model 31P as pictured above inpresumably due to the cost of manufacture and little demand. I’m not exactly sure what makes them slower since they’re both DPI according to IBMhowever I presume this is either the optical sensor or the microcontroller. Works on many types of surfaces.

This really gives ibm scrollpoint mouse ScrollPoint ibm scrollpoint mouse unique colour and helps keep with the theme a lot better. Disassembling the ScrollPoint mechanism itself reveals the pads which sense the resistance when compressed, along with the patent number for the technology on the back which doesn’t seem to be an IBM patent: Internet surfers using this contoured mouse will enjoy increased comfortable and pressure-sensitive scrolling in any direction.


Some of the earlier ScrollPoint Pros suffer scrolppoint ibm scrollpoint mouse buttons at the assembly process which results in a click response that isn’t as crisp and slightly spongy. You will lose the ability to track transparent surfaces however presently looking into how to ibm scrollpoint mouse the ‘best’ of both. Broadcast a Want to Buy ibm scrollpoint mouse our suppliers and let them compete for your business Choose Product Category This PCB is connected by two ribbon cables that are hard-soldered.

First and foremost, it’s interesting the earlier IBM mouse lacked a detachable USB cable– and all of the sudden in the later models they implement this which is helpful when you have to disassemble these mice en-masse. Some configurations may not be compatible. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. The models for both mice are the same, however the part number varies depending on which colour you get.

IBM ScrollPoint – mouse – PS/2 – white Overview – CNET

All offers are subject to availability. Microsoft is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. They were paired with the earlier IBM wireless keyboard.