No registered users and 13 guests. Will the ThinkPad T4x palm rest fit on the T60? Unfortunately I wasn’t methodical enough to isolate the particular update that caused the OSD to stop functioning. Last edited by Norway Pad on Wed Dec 01, I have this question too. And there is no user interface for the Hotkey Features that I am aware of. I removed and reinstalled it but it made no difference.

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Open Power Manager 2. I believe I already did the download. The hot key bit mask allows some control over which hot keys generate events.

MIGR Download the file 81vu22ww. I do already have Power Manager installed. If it is “unmasked”, it signals the firmware that thinkpad-acpi would prefer to handle it, if the firmware would be so kind to allow it and it often doesn’t! Are older drivers available on Lenovo’s support site, if so do you know what the address is?

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Somehow, the buttons weren’t sending the same commands in whatever manner they were used to. Last edited by Norway Pad on Wed Dec 01, Kuhn In keeping with my tendency to write a blog post about any technical issue I find that takes me more than five minutes to figure out when searching the Internet, I include below a resolution to a problem that took me, embarrassingly, nearly two and half hours across two different tries to figure out.


Who is online Users browsing this forum: The OSD does not show volume changes nor the screen brightness although the volume controls work, the screen brightness can be changed using the Fn Home and End keys.

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Unfortunately I wasn’t methodical enough to isolate the particular update that caused the OSD to stop functioning. Message 3 of 9. Via think vantage center and also manually. There is also an option on some of the system utilities where you check “Install now” when you extract, and it starts the install process immediately.

However, the advice online was highly conflicting whether or not the best way to solve this is to have them generate X events.

Lenovo Hotkey Features Integration – ThinkWiki

Doubleclicking it will extract it into a folder that you specify. Running Windows XP Professional. Message 6 of 9. The previous version worked well. I have ubm question too. In case it’s there, and you have reason to believe it isn’t working properly, uninstall it first and then reinstall it.

I’ve been trying to switch fully to the T60 for everything because it is supported by Coreboot. Message 9 of 9. Now thought to be over 11 miles wide!


Resolving Weirdness In Thinkpad T60 Hotkeys

I quickly found the xev equivalent for acpi: Most of the discussions I found assumed the keys were already generating X events and had advice about how to bind those keys to scripts or to your desktop setup of choice 0. Switch to Advanced 3. Therefore, it’s pretty clear at this point that the problem is something related to configuration of ACPI in some way.

Look for that in the Add or Remove list. It’s quite interesting to me that these two distributions appear to be the primary place where the types of information that every hotky once needed to provide are kept.

Hotkeys and OSD not working T60 When I switched, everything was working fine, except the volume buttons on the Thinkpad T60 those three buttons in the top left hand corner of the keyboard, shown circled in purple in the image on the right no longer hotkeyy what I expected.