Educational allowance None Pricing Prices are subject to change without notice. PIN-based printing increases confidentiality for individuals printing sensitive output. Non-double byte languages use a proportional font, supporting four lines with 20 characters per line maximum. Text will print at Toner Darkness “4,” while images and graphics print at Toner Darkness ‘1. It requires either printer cabinet or 2xsheet Drawer with Base or two sheet Drawers and Printer Base as prerequisites.

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The PostScript emulation supports only downloadable scalable fonts.

A collection program for used printer cartridges has been established and return instructions are included in the supply item packaging, with free return shipping.

Several enhancements have been added to Confidential Print with the release of this and concurrent models:. If you have no reseller, you can be directed to the closest one in your area and order supplies following instructions below.

For all toner colors that are used, the minimum percentage reported will be two percent. Infoprint 1567 following replacement supplies are available for the Infoprint Colour Footer links Contact Privacy Terms of invoprint Accessibility. See the infoprint 1567 User’s Guide for infoprint 1567 instructions. Refer to the information above for On-site Service.


Only infoprint 1567 Ethernet connection is allowed. For IPDS emulation, the card supports resident scalable fonts and, image quality or dpi print resolutions. On the infoprint 1567 hand, a lower number means more toner savings level 1 is the lightest setting. Product charges All features are both plant and field installable.

IBM Infoprint Color (MT ) offers great value in color printing

In order infoprint 1567 capture a font, it must infoprint 1567 marked as eligible and public. Optional duplex for two-sided printing. The font complement for the IBM Coordinated Scalable Font Set provides support for Latin 1 languages in 3 Letter Gothic medium, bold and italic and 3 Prestige medium, bold and italic scalable typestyles. Additional information is provided for a select group of user interventions via a “Tell me more” selection.

IBM Infoprint Color 1567 (MT 4935) offers great value in color printing

Administrative related workflow is accessed via the Menu button. The Infoprint Color is a high performance departmental color printer that is designed for productivity to meet infoprint 1567 needs of medium and large workgroups. The Infoprint 1567 Darkness setting is available through the operator panel under the “Print Quality” menu.

Increased color saturation for the sRGB Display color correction. Any information placed outside this specified printable area will not print. We hold a huge inventory and are in infoprint 1567 position to present a fair market price.


IBM toner cartridge 75P for IBM Infoprint

Preprinted forms and letterheads should be selected using guidelines found in the printer User’s Guide. Performance will infoprint 1567 with distance. The Toner Darkness setting offers five user-selectable levels to balance your infoprint 1567 for print darkness infoprint 1567 toner savings. Previous models supported four numbers fromwith possible PIN combinations. Infoprnt cards plug into the one interface slot. Infoprint Color offers a Color Balance Control.

There are two Home States: The “5” button has a raised bump for non-visual orientation.

The maximum configuration of paper options supported by infoprint 1567 printer model is also described within Media Support. The printer’s excellent Image Quality prints crisp text and high quality graphics.

IBM does not recommend printing to the monthly maximum on a consistent basis. This infoprint 1567 option can be installed beneath the printer to offer an added input source which holds approximately sheets of 20 lb.