My new machine has WMP version With WMP10 users can create playlists and sync songs from the library to their device. K-W Ontario, Canada Registered: It’s certainly included with WMP We tested it with all three major subscription services, including Napster To Go, and everything worked well, though Rhapsody required a T10 firmware update.

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The buttons on the front are used to navigate within the menus of the T10 as well as to adjust the volume.

But I’ll never know, because it only works together with Microsoft Windows Media Player 10, which only works with Microsoft Windows XP, which is nowhere to be found in this home. Updated to the latest firmware 1. The upside of the use of a AA battery is that you do not have to recharge the player and rather can just swap the battery with another one.

Tinkerers will love the iRiver T10 in this respect. Sep 20, Posts: Apr 26, Posts: It features a rugged build which would make it the right choice for any sort of activity as well as commuting or travelling.


Iriver is not alone though, and now that there are a lot of companies putting out players there growth of excess stock that can be found for cheap if you are willing to shop around. With WMP10 users can create playlists and sync songs from the library to their device.

K-W Ontario, Canada Registered: But, I’ve managed to do with RP But thanks for the insult anyway. Bad Karma Ars Praefectus Registered: The mobile world might finally get exciting again in It was not designed to revolutionize the portable music market or put Apple out of business, but rather to be an easy-to-use, rugged player which can hold up to everyday use.

It’s a little bigger than the players in the series, and it’s definitely durable enough for extreme activities. The outdoorsy design, which integrates a handy carabinerlike belt clip, a full-circular-motion hold switch, and an armband, will appeal to many users.

Jan 2, Posts: Jun 11, Posts: Looks like I’m keeping my H for the forseeable future. These create a a simple but effect set of controls. In this article we will be looking at the T10 MP3 player from Iriver. The iPod still dominates the irlver and the Nano and Shuffle have both made serious inroads into the flash market, but there are many alternatives.


Jun 6, Posts: This imposes a number of limitations on the design of the player due to the size of the battery.

Iriver T10 1GB MP3 Player –

Another important aspect of the MP3 player is its interaction with your computer. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Review Sections Review Specs. The awkward side location of the headphone jack iiver adds girth to the player, and any T10 owner with any pride will find the unclosable rubber USB flap an eyesore. Gilgamesh Ars Praefectus Tribus: Which never turned up.

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Mon Dec 05, To date I know of nothing I really want to replace my iHP with. These can be accessed either through the Music player or by a file browser. Don’t show this again.

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