Influence of irradiation time on subsurface degree of conversion and microhardness of high-viscosity bulk-fill resin composites. Carotid intima-media thickness in patients with chronic and aggressive periodontitis. Digital point tiskara d. Temporomandibular disorders and orthodontic treatment need in orthodontically untreated children and adolescents. Therapy of displaced disk of the temporomandibular joint in relation to anxiety. Pulsadores, Detectores y Interruptores Variedad de Pulsadores: Environmental human silver exposure.

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Naklada Slap, ostalo. Hrvatska komora dentalne medicine, Measurement of linear polymerization contraction using digital laser interferometry.

Medicinska naklada, monografija. Glycosphingolipid exprassion in cerebrospinal fluid of infants with neurological abnormalities: In vitro retention of prefabricated and individually formed posts: Sphenoid sinus types, dimensions and relationship with surrounding structures.

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The significance of salivary interleukin 6 and tumor necrosis factor alpha levels in patients with recurrent aphthous ulceration. Inheritance of Hypodontia lskra Twins. Cross sectional study on children from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.


The significance of salivary and serum interleukin 6 and basic fibroblast growth factor levels in patients with Sjogren’s syndrome.

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Natural immunity in recurrent aphthous ulceration. Simulated fatigue resistance of composite resin vs. Periodontal diseases at the transition from the late antique to the early mediaeval period in Croatia. Attenuation of systemic inflammatory stress response after preoperative analgesia with clonidine compared to levobupivacaine-a randomised clinical trial. Hrvatsko biomedicinsko nazivlje — eponimi u stomatologiji.

Nova Science Publishers, A survey of treatment outcomes with removable partial dentures.

Therapy for bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw: Helicobacter pylori na oralnoj sluznici — topografska distribucija. Metric evaluation of partially displaced temporomandibular joint disc. Psychosocial and economic status of the parents with children with and without tooth trauma.

Non-aromatic naphthalane preparation ; preliminary clinical study in the treatment of psoriasis vulgar. The effect of levocabastine and furosemide pretreatment on hyperreactive response after nasal provocation with hypotonic aerosol in subjects with allergic rhinitis.

Morphometrical analysis of main and accessory canals in apical root Pportion of frontal teeth. Self-inflicted burns in patients with chronic combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder.


Differences in articular-eminence inclination between medieval and contemporary human populations. Trace element release from two different base alloys under conditions of imitating oral saliva. Cause of tooth loss in urban and 5-uzb population of Croatia.

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A rare developmental dental anomaly. Hypodontia in patients with Downs syndrome.

A quantitative analysis of splint therapy of displaced temporomandibular joint disc. Incidence of oral habits in children with mixed dentition.

Lara i Vanda peru zube. Factors related to patients’ general satisfaction with removable partial dentures: The efficacy of gaseous ozone on some cariogenic bacteria. Examining the secretor status in the saliva of patients with oral pre-cancerous lesions.