If you have the printer manual you can check by yourself BR Alessandro. Now, ” Roma – Sampdoria” , ” 1X2″ , ” 1″ , 5 ; receipt. I think so, really it’s up on the printer. Currently I am using traditional Visual basic method which is as per follow: If you can detail me more details, I can try to help you.

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Kube Receipt Printer

Equals ” Command”StringComparison. I’m a newbie, your code is very useful for a little program that i’m developing.

The same piece of code could work for a network printer using the correct printer name. Complimenti per il lavoro messo gentilmente a disposizione della comunita’ Come hai realizzato il template? ToLower ; if cmdName. Thanks Alessandro It is still a good example and helped me a lot!


You can see a VB example on http: Hi, for the direct thermal laser usb printer you can see models and tech resources of bixolon at http: But i don’t know code for that. Thanks Alessandro Lentini Apr RawPrinterHelper helps me about this. Team Leader Mediatech Solutions.

Thanks to its compact, appealing and robust design, and the possibility to install it both vertically and horizontally, it is the ideal solution for Points of Sale. I always printed with standard chars. These are other products with similar performance and ukbe features.

Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Adding new language Member Feb 6: I’m printeg, I didn’t get this problem. I have 1 question here, in my case i am using a Samsung receipt printer installed as Windows XP default printer on com1, using your source code, how can i sent data to the print spooler?

At first thanks for your code! I think so, really it’s up on the printer.

KUBE II – Printers – Fasy

Running Android version 4. Currently I am using traditional Visual basic method which is as per follow: The oube can be used inside every project. Please see this peace of code: CommandPrinter derivate classes define every Kube command with the possible parameters. Custom char definition is supported as well. The ImageRasterHelper converts the image in the correct byte sequence for the printer. Hi, Your code are very nice and clear.


Hi, to help you I need some more information about the printer. Alessandro Lentini Jun One ; Please let me know if you need more help. The second one decodes every CommandPrinter in a byte sequence. Thx for your code. Thanks in advance for your code!!!