Ashley, motivated by her son’s first birthday at the end of the week which she will miss if she does not graduate this episode , also fails her three runs, driving into the fake cab every time. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Amy is first to park beating Ashley to a space , followed by Ashley, Lindsay, and Emily with a parallel park. Today, inspired by Ed Porter who spun wildly out of control in the same manner in Canada’s Worst Driver 3 ‘ s reversing race , the contestants learn the same maneuvers and then, for their challenge, repeat them inside a confined space. Canada’s Worst Driver Canadian television seasons. The Teeter-Totter — In this challenge, the contestants must balance their car on top of a teeter-totter. Amy, who is performing the challenge on her wedding anniversary, only scratches the car once in her minute run.

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Amy only makes six moving violations, all while Bob plays the role of tourist. Teagan is left without a space.

The experts worsg that Lindsay and Ashley made the shortlist, though Phillippe gave Amy some consideration. Teagan is fired up, and finishes without hitting anything. Donna, however, replies she intends to keep driving, only slower; surprisingly, Claude, despite having nominated her out of safety concerns, shares her resolve.

Thus, all four women were ordered to do every subsequent challenge in “driving shoes. Shifty Manoeuvres Original airdate: Emily, meanwhile, is told by Andrew to keep wearing her glasses and she knows that the next step is lindsaay gain more driving skills.


The fact that all five failed the Swerve and Avoid challenge makes the experts’ choice of who to graduate difficult, and Andrew is not comfortable with graduating anyone. Thus, Lindsay becomes the next graduate. Big Manoeuvres Episode 3: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Canada’s worst driver 4

However, his dangerous driving is causing him trouble in meeting people of the opposite sex. Though normally one contestant leaves in every episode, the experts may, at their discretion, refuse to allow anyone to graduate, or conversely graduate more than one contestant in an episode.

Lindsay finishes faster than Andrew, but hits nine things. Neither Lindsay nor Ashley hit klosa, though Lindsay was faster through the course.

Lindsay Kloss – IMDb

She is nominated by her son Claude Vinneauwho is worried for his safety, her safety, and the safety of her grandchildren. Ken, going second, is the first contestant to scratch the car Ashley, who went first, had managed to not hit anything, save for the boxes at the endwhile Emily cannot even reverse out of the corner, getting her car stuck. Guilty as Charged Original airdate: The Road Test — This cqnada road test takes place in downtown Canasa during Friday rush hour traffic.

The Verdict Original airdate: The Urge to Merge Episode 4: Ashley screams through her run, lindsah manages to learn how to use her mirrors. Andrew returns Donna her licence, she is taken away by limo, and is last heard repeating she plans to keep driving, but slower.

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Retrieved from ” https: Lindsay Kloss23, from Kelowna, British Columbia, is an accident-prone and extremely distracted driver, claiming to hit something every few weeks and knowing all of Klosss tow truck drivers on a personal basis.


Marie, Ontario, is a fearless driver — so much so she refuses to stop at stop signs or red lights; yet simple driving tasks, such as reversing, seem to elude her.

The deciding factor is Lindsay’s self-control with TJ in the car because Ashley, though the better technical driver, breaks down whenever Bryan is in the car. October 27, Starting on Top — In the traditional first challenge, contestants must drive to the Maximum Security Driver Rehabilitation Centre at an abandoned prison in Guelph from a parking garage in Kitchener. She is nominated by her husband Bob Wisniewskilkndsay truck driver.

Canada’s Worst Driver 4

For the second straight season, Andrew’s truck was used for the challenge. In fact, Vance had refused to allow Curt to drive for over three wogst due to his driving record.

Forgot password Your login or limdsay A Turn For the Worst Episode 6: Teagan tries to cheat by removing his head restraint though with it he passes on his third trywhile Lindsay learns to “watch the road” when she passes on her second try no one passes on their first try, while Ashley is the only other contestant to pass on her second.