Also your path may be slightly different from the one below. However, if I connect wired to the router, then there are no problems. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. At this point, the driver should have compiled and installed without errors. Bus Device Having a problem logging in?

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Any workarounds for this? I’m sure if I left in on long enough it would eventually happen.

Registered protocol family 17 Aug 30 The first time it happened I noticed that my usb trackball quit working However against the linux-source Sadly, the latest drivers had the same problem with dynamic IP as the old ones plus they detected wireless networks with much lower signal strengthso I switched back to the old drivers provided with OpenSUSE.

If you are using Ubuntu Gutsy, Feisty or Edgy please follow this guide: So you will have to edit the script to reflect the locations on your particular release and distribution.

August 2nd, 7. Blacklisting mac driver version.

Not-Associated Retry min limit: I was going to start running hardy at alpha 1 but didn’t get rt773 to it until alpha 2. In order for the module to properly autoload during start-up and not conflict with the standard rt2x00 drivers, there are two system files that need editing.


Bug # “rt73 disconnects and crashes usb” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

To learn more about the stable release update process please refer to https: Hi i am a linux nubbie when i do sudo dkms build -m rtk2wrlz -v 3. August 6th, 9. This time uptime was 1hr 52min so that is unrelated.

Are you new to LinuxQuestions. This will be retargeted towards the Hardy kernel once it is released. The newer versions of the driver should properly setup the attributes, so simply: Enter Code entries in Terminal Wifi help? Hopefully a corrected version of the driver will be released shortly.

Follow the procedure below to upgrade the legacy RT73 wireless driver for compatibility with Debian or Slackware based systems Sidux, Ubuntu, Slax, Bluewhite64, etc that use kernels 2. However, if I connect wired to the router, then there are no problems.

CONFIG_RT73USB: Ralink rt73 usb support

I only managed to get connected when I manually entered a static IP address, but then to get access to the internet I also had to manually enter the DNS and Default Gateway. I’ve waited this long to report it to see if I could reproduce it but I can’t so I had to get it reported before the release.


August 2nd, 5. The guide also helps you build and install the module with Rt773 which linjx natively supported in Jaunty 9. See the next troubleshooting tip as an alternative to moving the modules. Nominated for Gutsy by Borahshadow.

Error – Vendor Request 0x07 failed for offset 0x30c4 with error I noticed some times my network will just quit working and won’t reconnect even if i plug it into a cable nothing works and I have to reboot. Error – Vendor Request 0x06 failed for offset 0xc with error I haven’t had a chance in the last couple of weeks to try the wireless due to the holiday season, but will do so in the next couple of days and report back.

This eliminates the need to blacklist modules. The author is rather slow, and was successful in the upgrade; anyone who can download files and work in the Linux console executing a few commands should have no problem.