I had a go with these 2 mouse devices and here are my reviews:. To enable the full suite of touch gestures on Windows, you should install the Logitech SetPoint software. KheltonHeadley , Jul 31, And more specifically, does it also have the software issue I described? Learn how your comment data is processed. So I’m sticking with the white pro keyboard. Just got a Logictech Mt – price is good, wireless, lightweight and it’s fullsized.

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Klipsch R5 Logitrch Review: Jul 23, Posts: I went back to 3d modelling and noticed that I’d always put up with this, hand often tensed up, battling the mouse to go exactly where I want it to.

Kaji-AtsushiJul 27, Its got a aggregated rating of 8.

Aug 14, Posts: Mac Users, what mouse are you using? So do you have a recommendation for a good 3 button mouse that works on Mac?

Oct 6, Posts: Oppo R17 Pro Review: To have that kind of problem with two completely different mice The Logitech T Zone Y400 Mouse is a decent lovitech that’s an improvement on previous touch-enabled mice, but it still doesn’t quite replace the need for a touchscreen. Eric5h5Jul 30, But the web search button was mapped to autoscroll. The entire surface on the T is touch-enabled so your touch gestures are not restricted to zones.


JamesLeeNZJul 29, Feb 7, Posts: Used Razer mice before but they always had squeaky mouse wheels. Works fine for what I usually want to do, but once I will get back to 3D modelling in Cheetah I’ll probably get myself a proper mouse.

To deal with the search button I installed usboverdrive which should almost definitely work for everything except the second scroll wheel and the auto activation of the hyper-scroll wheel. Aug 29, Posts: However, g400 I first installed the software that came with it, Logitech’s drivers required Application Enhancer APE, which I don’t wantand they kind of sucked anyway. May 17, at Apparently the click-override issue is either specific to my mouse, or they are so desperate to not put any effort into fixing their software that they’re providing me with a free upgrade to the Gs.

Logitech T Touch Mouse Wireless Pc/mac | eBay

I’d be annoyed to have to switch to something more traditional. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


Hopefully this doesn’t signify that I’m a noob AaronCJul 27, The Logitech T Zone Touch Mouse is another entry in Logitech’s range of peripherals that are aimed at making the switch to Windows 8 more palatable for those of us who don’t have touch-enabled laptops or desktop PCs.

I also use Logitech mice, a G5 at work and a G at home.

Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400 Driver Download

You just have to remember NOT to use the included Logitech driver on CD – if you do you will have problems like mouse goes into sleep too early or or constantly or taking a minute to wake up. Watch the overview now.

I t4400 the rubber texture at the sides of the mouse as it gives me more grip. They were glitchy and not particularly user-friendly or Mac-like. Apr 11, Posts: