Because i really looking forward to it. And is there any difference between F and F except that F are cordless? I have to keep tapping on the joystick to left and right rapidly to walk normally. It worked great for titles, but completely lacked any customization of its axes and could act completely schizo with older games that expected DirectInput. Hi Yigit, You can use two F gamepads at the same time on the same PC if the game supports multiple gamepads.

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Hi sanny, In DirectInput mode you can change the location of the various gamepad buttons in the Profiler software.

If the game supports simultaneous controllers, then yes. I note from previous posts that you do not have this information available. My notebook has only two USB ports and I still have to change receivers or whatever every time. I have the mx performance mouse, Will F be able to share the same unifying reciever? The battery area is about the same on the F as the RumblePad 2 — small changes were made in order to accommodate the new analog triggers, but the feeling is very similar.

Hi Doug, No, the receiver for the F is not Unifying-compatible. We have been producing Fs for distribution across all of Asia already. Are those deadzones Xinput MS requirement? The price may be the seller’s own price elsewhere or another seller’s price. The Logitech Gamepad F The Logitech Gamepad F features a familiar, comfortable control layout and our unique floating D-pad design that offers exceptional accuracy in all eight directions.


Logitech Cordless Wingman Rumblepad Vibration Feedback Gamepad USB Preowned

Some games can detect the gamepad switching from XInput to DirectInput mode without being restarted, but many cannot. It is important for driving games where you may want to be applying some breaking and some throttle at the same time. When in XInput mode, the gamepad uses the standard Windows XInput gamepad driver and such adjustments are not possible.

Also is it possible to do it in game without restarting the game? If I order today, when will the F of get to me?

But for PC there is not much option for a quality gamepad other than Logitech, so I want to buy the new F now. It does function very similarly, but with signifcantly better legacy game support. Hi daveg, The Logitech logo button has the same function as the Xbox Guide button.

In DirectInput mode they function as buttons and are not analog.

Logitech Wingman Cordless Rumblepad PC Gamepad Controller – Complete | eBay

So is this essentially a third party pad for the PC? The XInput driver should be native to your Windows Vista install. Because in forums, lots of people were complaining about the same problem. Can two Wireless Gamepad F be plugged into the same computer in two different USB slots of course and used for head-to-head 2-player action without conflicting?


Logitech Wingman Cordless Rumblepad Gamepad Controller With Receiver | eBay

Since ocrdless Korean version of Logitech. I do not have a specific date for availability in France. The G27 is too expensive en the driving force GT is too playstation-like.

I recommend contacting Support using the link at the top of the page for assistance in resolving your issue.

A few years ago I bought a Dual Action Gamepad. What does this price mean? In DirectInput mode you can change the location of the various gamepad buttons in the Profiler software.

Logitech Wingman Cordless Rumblepad Gamepad Controller With Receiver

Be the first to write a review. Hi Bernd, Our analog sticks have very precise return-to-center characteristics and do not have a significant deadzone. And assuming distributors gamdpad retailers are ordering them, all three of the new gamepads should be available for purchase in Australia in the near future.

The system profiler is telling me the correct model but it says it needs to be configured. Anyway, at least the receiver is small and wireless. I guess I should try and return the rumblepad 2 controller back to the online store from which I ordered gamfpad from, when it arrives at my house; and purchase the F gamepad instead.