Alienware belongs to the mid-sized manufacturers of the notebook market. The panel looks great, with good color reproduction and very even lighting thanks to the LED-backlighting. Alienware has released a new version of the Command Center 2. The buyer is spoilt for choice when it comes to the hard disk. Alienware, up until now better known for its big luxury-gamers, has surprised the notebook branch with a high-performance subnotebook, the M11x, a few months ago. In return, the Fast Ethernet port unfortunately towards the front.

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First an extreme dimming of the room weakens this circumstance noticeably. Basically, the M11 R2 provides the same interfaces as in the first review. Finally, a runtime of up to six hours is possible with minimum brightness and maximum energy savings options when the M11x R2 isn’t put under much load BatteryEater’s Reader’s test M11x: The M11x R2 again falls behind its predecessor, M11x A highlight of the M11x is and will remain to be the switching between the integrated and dedicated graphics unit GeForce GT M.

Alienware M11x R2 Review

Is this the perfect M11x? The fan even deactivates itself completely in low load so that the notebook is almost silent. Whilst the SU is permanently overclocked to 1. Any gaming enthusiast will tell you that graphice MUST use graphifs external mouse when gaming. Similarly, the hard disk, wireless card and memory modules can all be easily swapped out with ease by the owner. Both tools certify that the hard disk has a good performance.


Dell Alienware M11x R2 notebook review – Laptop –

Because the M11x R2 doesn’t have an optical drive, we were forced to run the obligatory movie test with an avi video file. Nevertheless, we found graphixs noise development better than in the first M11x, which proved to be more present especially under load. Instead, you either graphic some shift at the top or some at the bottom. Crysis – CPU Benchmark A use on the lap gets unpleasant due to the base’s temperature of up to On the other hand, good displays have a black value of less than 0.

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The graphic card’s influence decreases noticeably in low details and disabled quality enhancements x Alienware, up until now better known for its big luxury-gamers, has surprised the notebook branch with a high-performance subnotebook, the M11x, a few months ago.

The runtime increased by a remarkable 34 minutes from previously 6 hours and 2 minutes to now 6 hours and 36 minutes. Nvidia has to be given credit that the error rate has decreased considerably with the last drivers, though.

Alienware MX11 packs a punch in Been wondering where the M11x battery is?


Visit our network of sites: Because Anno scales massively with the number of cores and clock rate, major differences between the processors become evident. Another essential element of the Alienware design is the use of customizable LED lighting in key areas around the notebook.

Many notebooks are above 1. That’s another complaint we have with the M11x R2: A large part of that design heritage is e2 unique style of Alienware machines. The Alienware M11x R2 masters common application scenarios, like video rendering or internet surfing perfectly.

Nevertheless, the given gaming performance is g2 more than good and just outstanding for a subnotebook. You’ll already frequently face disagreeable reflections indoors. Finally, Nvidia’s promising Optimus Technology ensures the almost perfect compromise of power consumption and performance.

Review Alienware M11x R2 Subnotebook

The user is faced with a similar dilemma in performance. In any case, Alienware considers the internal battery, graphocs drive, RAM and wireless cards to all be user-serviceable parts.

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