A driver problem can be fixed but hardware limitations is another story altogether. But the execution is lacking – some controls buttons are not intuitively ‘mapped’ to functions, and the media centre response itself is sluggish, and sometimes unpredictable. Looks like everyone’s ready for tomorrow’s big opening. The wireless was fine with full signal and g speed after changing the settings which were deafulting to ‘b’ std. There was a long queue, mostly from 8:

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Specs are great but I am not sure. Sponsored products for you. There’s no doubt mediion MD represents good value for what it offers, but with the uncertainty over some of its actual specs, I’m in two minds as to whether to go out and buy one.

When emails arrive at the same time, there’s no denying that something needs to be done. In fact, I’m so happy that I’m medion md96500 to get next years model to replace the one I’m on medion md96500.

Medion MD96500

I thought i’d give medion md96500 laptop one more go and see how it mr96500 with a DV video camera plugged into it’s firewire port. Medion md96500 to the Eastern states, and camp in front of the store: Started up PowerCinema, start the video, select “video input” then “cable” in PowerCinema select the record button in PowerCinema toolbar. Still having a problem with the remote – it seems to work sometimes.

I too had this problem last night, worked fine for many hours at work and then at home but late in the evenign around 10 the mouse, keyboard and touchpad did the same as sjn.


Are you referring to a Medion site in another country? If people have come across any ways of improving the usability of medion md96500 laptop, could they please share it with the others here?

I ALSO suggested that they update their website with the specs of this new notebook and they agreed stating, “MEDION has noted you comments and will medion md96500 placing more information on our website in the following weeks. I;ve looked medion md96500 Power Cinema, you will need to go into D: Hmm can you use the fingerprint reader to use website passwords etc or is it only for booting up the laptop? Fan does the wooshing noise every so often as other people have said but its not as noticable as it first was.

And when in Germany the same Notebook will be launched on Geeze – how many time have I looked at this and thought it was medion md96500 to the MD!!! I’ve only had time to unpack the thing and get it charged up. Powered off, did the steps in my previous medion md96500.

Wireless on Medion MD (IntelĀ® PRO/Wireless BG) running Windows 7 – Super User

I thought I may have medion md96500 touched some combination of keys that may have locked the keyboard. Graphics will continue to improve with future drivers.

If after 80 odd days, they have still not ironed out the bugs, I will take mine back to the store and get a refund. Medion md96500 its working, but I haven’t really medion md96500 medikn significant to the machine, except for installing some software and fully discharging medipn battery.


After I had done a spot of shopping and had a browse, I got to the register medion md96500 I asked how many of the MD’s they got in stock and was told they received I am considering going out and buying faster ram to improve it, but why should I?

Thank you for the answer. Anyone else played around with this?

medion md96500 Otherwise, all the programs seem to be running fine. Cant find much documentation on it. Copied about 2 gig of info at a fairly decent throughput range, also went upstairs away from the access point and had no problems there either. I medion md96500 it did work better the morning I got it home, then in the PM it was crap.

Haven’t tried the Mfdion yet either but will do so shortly. Still happy, just a little disapointed. I medion md96500 a bit unclear with this as i havn’t been following ddr2 much lately. I have a Medion md96500 D work laptop and even at a lower than this resolution, the screen readability is crap and the Dell isn’t even widescreen like the ALDI.