The later is a ‘universal’ driver that communicates to the SequeLink Server which in turn connects to the SQL database. Specifying a default order by limit using any of the following methods returns a maximum of 2,, rows for queries with an ORDER by clause. The ODBC connection name is identical to the data source name specified in the connection pool defined in the repository. I have written a Sybase Browser and isql replacement application for Win32 and Macintosh. See Configuring Implaa 1. You still have a reference to the Metro Technologies website, which is currently being redirected to www. An “ODBC data source” connection is simply the logical join between the backend database and the details needed to talk to that server e.

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Hope this info is helpful to meranh. For information about modifying your existing database configuration, see the following procedures: You can define the default settings in obis.

Seems to have lost Mac focus.

Using DataDirect Connect ODBC Drivers on Linux and UNIX

The DataDirect configuration requires you to modify the essbase. This variable is set automatically during installation. Cerqua started a new company called Datavations LLC. Excellent info docs are available.

If this limit is exceeded, then Impala throws an exception. Virtuoso — Internet Data Integration Server. Emrant you use this merqnt, then Impala silently truncates your value to 2, rows. Macintosh info is buried deep in the supposedly cross-platform manuals. Thanks for your time, and when you have a moment, check out our website at www. All that you need to do is have installed an ODBC driver that is specific to the type of database you will be using.


There are reports that the older versions are starting to fail under MacOS 9.

With the connections set, the ODBC system is now enabled as the Babel fish between your client application and the backend server. See System Requirements and Certification. Use this method if you do not have rights to modify the Impala daemon using the previous methods. For the NetworkAddress use the IP address or fully qualified host name and the port number.

For example, to update the variable for the driver on Linux: The library path variable is: Amazingly, it works well You need to modify your existing database configurations to use the DataDirect drivers.

Oracle recommends using the Modify the Impala daemon’s default query options method. If you need your query to return more than 2, rows, then specify a higher DefaultOrderByLimit parameter value. Users can 4.1 add modules called database drivers that link the application to their choice of database management system.


This not only allows you to connect to DBs with only one piece of software but also speeds things up.

Using DataDirect Connect ODBC Drivers on Linux and UNIX

Unfortunately, there is no SequeLink 5. According to sources, Merant has spun off their DataDirect business in a sale to Golden Gate Capital; what this means to Mac users has yet to be determined. Configure the Amazon Redshift data source using the steps documented for other data sources. Secondly, there was a management buy-out of the DataDirect business of Merant.

This driver will cause a freeze or crash if it is selected from within the Select Data Source dialog in FileMaker Pro.

If your environment is managed by Cloudera Manager and you have the required permissions, you should use the recommended method for updating the DefaultOrderByLimit.

Refer to System Requirements and Certification. For information about modifying your existing database configuration, see the following procedures:.