Modern surface-independent optical mice work by using an optoelectronic sensor essentially, a tiny low-resolution video camera to take successive images of the surface on which the mouse operates. This page was last edited on 22 November , at You can also do some cool stuff in Quake. I’ll complain more about that later. In Microsoft’s own words, IntelliEye uses a tiny CMOS digital camera to take 1, pictures per second of the surface beneath the mouse. Inspired by the Microsoft Intellimouse 3.

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IntelliMouse is a series of computer mice from Microsoft. A digital signal processor then analyzes these pictures and translates movement of the mouse into crisp movement of the cursor on your computer screen. It fits my hand very well, and there’s little chance of me accidentally hitting the ingellieye buttons. In fact, I assumed that it would be annoying as it was on the last Logitech mouse I bought for my G3.

Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical USB – Ps2 Compatible IntelliEye Mac

The development of the modern optical mouse at Hewlett-Packard Co. Nothing is handled in software on your box.

By describing an optical means that explicitly overcame the limitations of wheels, balls, and rollers used in contemporary computer micrsooft, the optical mouse was anticipated. That stiff, nasty feelin’ not to mention intemperate mousing surface won’t be found anywhere near an IntelliEye mouse.


Ah, 3 was enough for me. Share this page Facebook Logo. Whatchoo mean by diff’ernt, Bobby? Plug in the fast, wired USB connector and immediately get into your flow without waiting for Bluetooth to pair or searching for a dongle.

Microsoft Classic Intellimouse | Microsoft Accessories

I’ll complain more about that later. The ergonomic design of the new Microsoft Classic Intellimouse is comfortable for hours of use. Cherry of the Xerox Microelectronics Center. Microsoft European Union Microsoft competition case Microsoft v. Windows 7 bit only. Rosch hardware bible 6th ed. Optical mice mathematically process these images using cross correlation ingellieye calculate how much each successive image is offset from the previous one.


To understand how optical flow is used in optical mice, imagine two photographs of the same object except slightly offset from each other. Other items you may like.

Ack, all of this for a mouse. Two choices, too pricey? IntelliEye uses a tiny CMOS digital camera to take 1, pictures per second of the surface beneath the mouse.

The amount that the edges of one photograph overhang the other represents the offset between the images, and in the case of an optical computer mouse the distance it has moved.


OK, well, there is a reason – namely to irritate me. The important thing is just that your mousing surface be significantly textured to the point where the IntelliEye can illuminate the differences which are used to calculate movement. Patent 4, Optical Mouse. Indeed, this light is cast at an angle, to further enhance the detectable difference.

The IntelliMouse Explorer is another sight to behold. Tracking technology Microsoft BlueTrack enables tracking on glass. The red tail light that made miicrosoft Microsoft Intellimouse 3. But that’s just the same situation as with the older IntelliMouse.

Optical moude use image sensors to image naturally occurring texture in materials such as wood, cloth, mouse pads and Formica. In Microsoft’s own words. Simple visual inspection tells you all you need to know about the IntelliMouse with IntelliEye.