Kyocera acquired the terminal business of US digital communications technology company Qualcomm in February , [10] and became a major supplier of mobile handsets. The photocopier manufacturer Mita Industrial Co. In February , Kyocera became the total stock holder of Optrex Corporation, which was subsequently renamed Kyocera Display Corporation. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kyocera. Provides an example of how KYOcapture can be used to streamline administrative applications while also facilitating good document management practices. San Diego-based Kyocera Wireless Corp. Doculabs MarketFocus White Paper:

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The merged enterprise continued under the name Kyocera Communications, Inc. Blog Company News Industry News.


This page was last edited on 21 Septemberat It manufactures industrial ceramics, solar power generating systems, mita kyocera ,ita, office document imaging equipment, electronic components, semiconductor packages, cutting tools, and components for medical and dental implant systems.

Semiconductor packages Mita kyocera components Automotive components Mita kyocera devices Solar power generating systems Printers Copiers Mobile phone Applied ceramic products. Views Read Edit View history. Learn how you can take these areas to a new level of productivity with Da-Com!

In other projects Kyoceera Commons. The company acquired electronic equipment manufacturing and radio communication technologies in through an investment in Cybernet Electronics Corporation, which was merged mita kyocera Kyocera in mita kyocera Three handsets were released in including one with an unusual docking station which contained the Iridium transceiver and antenna, as well as a pager for mita kyocera Iridium network.


InKyocera also took over the handset business of Sanyoeventually forming ‘Kyocera Communications, Inc. Mkta a number of key business benefits that KYOcapture can deliver to organizations and their workgroups.

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Inamori and Kyocera’s top managers were moved by President Mita’s deep concern for his employees and, after conducting a thorough mita kyocera, decided to step in and help with Mita’s reorganization effort. Kyocera’s altruistic attitude kjocera forth appreciation and strong motivation in Mita’s employees to work harder toward rebuilding the company.

This also benefits those who are having difficulty hearing, but are not totally deaf. The current headquarters of Kyocera in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan. In Japan Kyocera holds mita kyocera naming rights for the Osaka Dome.

The prototype phone also has a foldable design which is capable mita kyocera morphing into a variety of shapes.

At one time, Kyocera owned the famous KLH brand mita kyocera by Henry Klossthough Kloss and the original Cambridge design and engineering staff mita kyocera left the company by the time of the Kyocera purchase.

Kyocera is currently myocera shirt sponsor of the soccer club Kyoto Sanga F. Links to related articles.


Kyocera makes phones for some Japanese wireless carriers including mita kyocerawillcomSoftBank and Y! Emerson Knives Erizo F. Marketing is done by its subsidiary Kyocera International, Inc.

Nikkei mitq of Japan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the s, Kyocera marketed audio components, such as CD playersreceiversturntablesand cassette decks. Services Improperly managing many areas of your business such as printing mita kyocera IT department can be costly in many ways. The company quickly adapted its technologies to produce an expanding range of ceramic components for electronic and structural applications.

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Skip to main content. See also Largest IT companies Mita kyocera Kyocera manufactures mobile phones for wireless carriers in the United States and Canada.

Discover how you can mita kyocera manage your devices and equip your business with leading solutions from Da-Com! Mita kyocera featured unique elements, including Kyocera ceramic-based platforms, and are kocera by collectors to the present day. Kyocera sells ceramic knives via its web store and retail outlets under the name Kyocera Advanced Ceramics.