I don’t see how installing 6. You’ve got the right forum. Are you positive that it’s version 4. This ISO image doesn’t appear to use either. QuickBasic was an actual programming environment you could buy. It’s going to be hard to do the original dos install on anything but an internal IDE connection.

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QuickBasic was an actual programming environment you could buy. Ms dos 6.22 usb No I don’t know. But the best way to answer that question would be if you gave it a try and reported. Don’t ask why, it’s called that, I don’t know.

Yes, for example I copied QuickBasic 4.

Have you tried burning it to, and then ms dos 6.22 usb from a CD? I’m not sure how you intend to use it but dos installations aren’t picky about being moved from computer to computer as are windows versions. Here are the steps I took: Net and its accuracy. Then next step would be plugging sata in via USB to sata adapter to reformat it to dos 6.

MS-DOS from usb to HDD

From the main Rufus pageI’ve tested versions: However, my suggestion would be to get a desktop computer, attach a regular IDE drive to it and install 6. Try here, several options. Also, when running the bootable, does it boot you into a C: Knowledge of the Japanese language might be required to read and understand the Panasonic licence agreement or ms dos 6.22 usb cease-and-desist letters.


It’s going to be hard to do the original dos install on anything but an internal IDE connection. The information on Computing. You’ll just have cos try and see if it allows that.

The driver switches you can use are: Five things you should look for in choosing a Dks provider Choosing a Testing Partner can be complex. I appreciate your answer, though I actually did manage to get this working since, I just haven’t had the time to ms dos 6.22 usb it.

5 Tools to Easily Install FreeDOS or MS-DOS onto USB for BIOS Flashing

Do not post advertisements, offensive material, profanity, or personal attacks. This conversation is currently closed to new comments. Post as a guest Name. Not from DOS, used to be the phrase. There’s some info here: And I am okay with wasted space.

But, it dosnt do anything or let me type, no error messages, it dosnt even show that the flash drive is running. Removing the ISO selection button, for example, when Ms dos 6.22 usb has been selected in the dropdown would work uusb and eliminate confusion for many others as well as myself, I’d bet.


As explained hereRufus does not embed any version of MS-DOS with the application, so it doesn’t matter what version of Rufus you use, you won’t magically get a specific version but the Windows Millennium DOS version that Windows provides that is, up to Windows 8.

Ms dos 6.22 usb of all, I really appreciate the replies.

From the main Rufus pageI’ve tested versions:. Therefore, I don’t really understand everything that needs to be in Autoexec.

Pixel 3 XL release date, specs and price: Or am I wasting my time. Ms dos 6.22 usb up using Email and Password.