Scope of the MS Programming GuideThis Manual contains all of the configuration codes for all versions of theMS hand-held bar code scanner products. Reserved CodesMetrologic has reserved the codes on the following pages for features that willbe added at a later date. Some host systems require thisdelay when receiving transmissions, others do not. Then scanRBC-enable minimum test. The versatile MS can operate as a “hands-free” scanner when placed in its flexible, fixed stand. Your manual failed to upload Don’t see a manual you are looking for?

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These numbers represent howmuch time that a barR30code must be out of the scan field before that bar code canbe scanned again. This is aZZ1clocked scanner the host serial interface.

The scanner will providekeyboard emulation by converting the scanned bar code data to the PCkeyboard scan code equivalent. PC Keyboard Wedge units do not use baud rates. An operator can simply”wave” the scanner in a natural position across a barcode and the MS will scan automatically.

Metrologic MS951

This leaves shorter minimum lengths for scanner code types possible. Do not enable any ofthe special features options unless instructed by a Metrologic representative.


Page 7 Programming the ScannerThe scanner is shipped from the factory programmed to a set of defaultconditions noted in this guide by an asterisk that appears before the briefdefinition.

Even ParityPA3Select this option to make the parity bit always 1. Others require that while idle, the data linebe the polarity of a bar instead of a space.

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Enabling this feature can satisfythese requirements. Onceenabled, the scanner will simulate CapsLock keyboard input. Your manual failed to upload This added operator feature increases comfort and reduces repetitive strain injury. For example, when the minimumis 3, the scanner will not scan bar codes thathas less than 3 characters. The MS also has a unique patented infrared sensor and control scheme that provides fully automatic activation and operation for complete hands-free scanning.

Reserved CodesMetrologic has reserved the codes on the following pages for features that willbe added at a later date. Then, scan one of ms51 bar codes. This will only work withan AT computer.

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The unit will beep three times. Worker efficiency and productivity is increased with this feature by allowing faster throughput. This isonly valid in modes where some type ofhandshaking is involved. Enable this option when CapsLock is used on the scannre.


Thescanner will not scan codes with fewer than the configured minimum ofcharacters. The MS can be used either as a hand-held scanner or fixed scanner because of its unique design.

Cables, batteries, power supplies and other accessories are sold separately unless otherwise stated. Description Buy Works with More like this Manufacturer.

This mode will notwork with all keyboard sfanner. Metrologic engineered the scanner with desirable features including: Skip to main content. Not all hardware versions of the scanner support all of the features universally.

Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Recall DefaultsDF1Minimum Code Length for All Code TypesThe minimum number of characters in md951 codes that will be scanned should bespecified by scanning one of the followingbar codes.

OC8Each character of a bar code takes between7. The MS Special patents also be programmed programmed for short-range and long-range laser activation in either the hand-held or hands-free mode.