I was gonna say, who the hell has a It’s a am2 mobo, so there are only a few upgrade options. Gforce only support games that have been released before or Don’t even bother with the DX9 cards anymore. So if you want to play latest version of game you should upgrade your 3D card.

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Elviathan Are you high? Your motherboard does have a Pci express x16 slot which is where the graphics card would plug into and fitting it graphicx easy.

Dx10 is not even close to full swing yet. I needed to repurchase it for another project, but I needed 1650se 3D horse power, the was no longer going to cut it. Thanks for the reply. Nvidia Graphics Cards Geforce Graphics. It’s a am2 mobo, so there are only a few upgrade options.

Motherboard GPU Technical Specifications|NVIDIA

I ended up getting a mini atx case for 20 bucks so I could fit one of my old video cards since it was originally in a low profile case. Can’t find your answer?

Especially when there are dx9 cards that outperform it for the same price, and ones that are cheaper. Why did you bump this thread?


Will you let it die already That is exactly what we used it for before too, a media center. More about replace integrated graphics card nvidia geforce se nforce plug graphics card.

GarGx1 Follow Forum Posts: What games do you want to play? If you want a card to play games at a decent frame rate then I’d cash in my money for a Geforce GTS.

This topic is locked from further discussion. It also has Intels integrated Graphics card as well how can solved My Nvidia card has completely broken, how do I use integrated graphics?

Drivers | GeForce

My sons pc was the exact same specs, and it was a Compaq. How are you even running vista? Hofflehoff Gforce only support games that have been released before or Subscribe to our newsletter. Nope, that card is poo.

I have a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE…Is this any good for PC gaming?

What are your other 6150sd It’s on the front page. The gts is pretty much a dx9 card, because it cannot do dx10 either even though it says it can. Hofflehoff Follow Forum Posts: There was a recent post before before my post. UNless you meant MB. Here we go I’ll just toss in my 2 cent worth.


This will determine what kind of graphics card it can power without the power supply being replaced. The phenom x3 or x4 is what I’m thinking, just to give her a little bump in performance. Gforce only support games that have been released before or I’m not sure how much money youare willing to spend and all cause I don’t have that much and I had the gt oc card before this one and when I whnet to this one at least I saw a difference.

Ask a new question. Every one else in here nvixia to say that they are 6150s same but in my opinion I say different.