I have newer ribbons for it so that was not a problem. The Xetec Super Graphics Jr. I downloaded a manual, but none of it really made sense to me, so I followed the directions just to restore it to factory settings. I love it though! I need an impact printer to print 3-part forms for my business.

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Panasonic KX-P2123 Manuals

Panasonic printers have always been known for their letter quality LO fonts, and now it’s comforting to see that their new product line has been made quieter as well. The printter is gentler, yet adequate, when the curved top is resting on the paper, not down all the way. See details for description of any imperfections. These would offer a truly highquality output option for those who want their documents to look their best. If your program supports only older Commodore printers, however, then kxp2123 limited to using the interface-based Commodore fonts that generally don’t use the higher resolution of pin printers.

Printer: Panasonic KX-P | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

It came with a four color ribbon, but the black was shot. You can easily churn out a professional-looking document with a KX-P Adding a Xetec Super Graphics Jr. About this product Product Information The Panasonic KX-P is one of the classic printers which prints documents with great efficiency.


Besides, the 15 maximum draft speed and 80 15 maximum LQ speed helps the Panasonic KX-P printer prints faster than the others in the league. Printer comes with original box, complete with power cord and installed ribbon. Machine printre works fine.

Never print without the ribbon for more than a few lines, though. The Panasonic KX-P printer is perfect for your small workgroups. Printer Feeders for Panasonic KX.

I love it though! Before using the tear-off feature or fanfold parking or before loading for the first time, remember to set the top-of-form option. The manual neglects to mention this.

Panasonic Dot Matrix Printers. Which worked out well! It took a little tinkering with the features to figure it out, only because I’ve never really used a dot matrix printer. A pin printhead essentially has three offset columns of 8 pins each. For 64 users, resident LQ fonts such as these are vital. I bought it to replace an old printer of the same model which needed a new print head. You may also like. Single sheets can be fed from the top, and an optional sheet feeder is available.

The Xetec Super Graphics Jr. A typical 9-pin character uses a matrix of 18 x 18 dots, whereas a pin character uses a matrix of 30 x 24 dots and gets printed at roughly twice the 9-pin speed. You can’t rush it, but if you wanted ultra fast, you’d buy something wa y more modern, right? I found that, when using any of the double-pass printing modes, the output is better if the curved clear-plastic top of the removable pull-roller on top of the platen isn’t clamped down.


The new buffer can hold kx-2p123 seven double-spaced pages of text! Most pin printers sound like a dentist’s drill and preclude any conversation nearby. I downloaded a manual, but none of it really made sense to me, so I followed the directions just to restore it to factory settings. Love this printer for stencils, and if you needed to print duplicate forms. Programs that allow you to define printer configuration files, such as The Write Stuff, also work with a minor effort.

One way to reduce noise even further with this printer is to adjust the printhead gap with the supplied lever.