I have gotten it to run as stated on the front page with the updated drivers but I need to restart it every time I want to use it and in Skype where I want it most it is all ghostly or something with the picture. Yes, I get that weird ghosting effect in skype too. I can really use some help getting the camera working. Anyone else with this? Strange seeing as searches for ricoh or r5u don’t find anything when searching in Synaptic package manager. So I downloaded the zip file, extracted it to my home folder, and executed the make command in the directory. Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter see dmesg what does dmesg say after the error?

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Nothing seems to happen.

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The built-in series regulators allow power supply from 3. A new way of doing it was therefore proposed at http: I have a HP Pavilion dvep. A good place to start though is by right clicking on the volume icon on the gnome panel and opening volume control and then clicking on preferences. Trying to get the webcam working Not sure whether this was also due to running a development version of the UVC driver and I need to find time to explore this. 5u807 the camera is still unsolved I think yours has no Ricoh webcam Have you rlcoh http: This thread’s gone a tad quiet!


Somehow uvcvideo keep getting loaded, even though I blacklisted it! Is there a form of “handshake” between machines connected by Skype? Super work guys works like a charm! I wish Jaunty had resolved this issue. I tried the firmware you mentioned here, no change. Using Xv port libv4l2: Find More Posts by quirissa.

Problem is related to the allowed resolution I believe, as supported by Skype. What I realized recently is that once you open skype and use the camera either during call or using the “test” from optionsthen all other applications like vlc and cheese show the same lousy, weird picture skype does. Some of the website layout and links may not function properly with JavaScript disabled.

The following table describes the available drivers. The only thing currently not working is Ekiga, which isn’t showing the proper input from the webcam, but I don’t use Ekiga anyway. I’m now running Lucid Alpha 4 and all I have to do is install the driver, as explained elsewhere in this thread and all is well. Is there any other way to load the firmware?

Any help with this issue will be highly appreciated. Cannot describe it better if I have time I will provide a screenshot later Theoretically if the firmware had already been loaded in a prior boot of windows on the same machine without actually powering the machine right down as opposed to resetting the uvcvideo driver could succeed in loading and would then give the ghosting. At this moment the WDM [1] webcameras are only supported by the r5u driver, not by the r5u87x driver. Still, x is a fair picture until a better ricoh module arrives I was point here to get help but no one is responding.


But here’s the thing. Successfully uploaded firmware to device 05ca: I am running vs 8.

Problems updating driver manually (webcam sony vaio) – Windows 7 Help Forums

But now i cant get the graphic card driver installed, and sony has no support for my laptop with windows 7. Ricoh USB Camera driver 6.

Here is my situation: The R5U offers low power consumption during operation.