Short boot time 10 seconds. Best MP3 Players for Newly acquired Rio’s 1. To do this, you must hit Next repeatedly. This is terrible, it basically means that the device will have to be replaced after a year or two. Apparently the way to transfer a playlist to the Nitrus is to copy your MP3 and M3U files into the directory that the Nitrus is scanning, then tell the Nitrus to rescan that directory, then go to the Playlists tab of your music directory NOT the Playlists tab of the Nitrus itself , right click the playlist and choose “Rio Nitrus” from the “Send To” submenu. Good button placement but buttons are too small.

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The Rio Volt did a pretty good job with this, it was still noticable. I have separate albums in rio nitrus folders, but incredibly, folder structure is not saved when moving files to the unit.

Rio Nitrus Review – IGN

Doesn’t show up as a drive in Windows that you can drag files to. No in-line remote or carrying case is included in fact, all you get is the player, an AC adapter, and Sennheiser earbudsand neither is offered as an accessory at rio nitrus time. I became accustomed to this quirkiness, but I still found it annoying.

In general the software works well and is nihrus to use, but I was a rio nitrus turned off by the missing encoder. I was expecting to simply drag all these folders and playlists to the Nitrus and have everything still work and be easily accessible. Review Sections Review Prices Specs.


Lots of headaches and trial-and-error just to get the thing working on fio computers. The Rio Nitrus is very small. It is definitely calibrated to a different way than the Rio PMP However, boot time is rio nitrus about 10 seconds so this is not a major pain, but it’s something that I hope will be updated with a firmware upgrade. Rio nitrus said, I have been using it for about nine days and will continue to.

Rio Nitrus(1.5 GB) Pink ( 1.5 GB ) Digital Media Player

The Bad No recording function; no FM radio; no remote; no carrying case. Charge in seconds, last months and power over the air.

Click here to find out more. For example, pitch control and tempo control are two obvious choices that would be very useful for karaoke and audio book applications.

The styling and slight body makes it easy to slip into your pocket although not out of rio nitrus with speed and this is a bonus over more bulky players. Short boot time 10 seconds. rio nitrus

Rio Nitrus Specs – CNET

When you start moving the wheel, rio nitrus display shows the effect of the wheel movement e. How this limitation got through testing is beyond all comprehension.

The Nitrus is portable enough for any situation. Perhaps a firmware upgrade could fix this someday.


Rio Nitrus 1.5Gb MP3 Player

I found this odd because the joystick and scroll wheel are such effective controls, the stick’s iffy calibration notwithstanding. Future batteries, coming soon: It goes without saying that when it comes to portable electronics, smaller is almost always better. Then, navigate to rio nitrus songs via the Nitrus Album tab and add them to the Playlist you just created by choosing Add To Playlist.

However, if the slick design does it for you, then go for the Nitrus. But, the Nitrus doesn’t remember any of rio nitrus folder hierarchy when transferring files. Does that sound insanely complicated to you?

I don’t need a whole music rio nitrus system. The wheel is only used for menu navigation, though you can use the joystick as well. Don’t show this again.

rio nitrus Off, 1, 5, 10, or 30 minutes Resume Play: The rubber the stick is made of is slippery, and the stick is very small. I tried again on a different computer. I just want to use the folder structure that I’ve already set up for organization.