This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Other Samsung Cell Phones. Forums Shop Toggle Search. We bounced between having mediocre 4G speeds to what we’d consider to be normal 4G speeds to what we’d consider poor 4G speeds, all while supposedly connected to Wimax. These devices can then access the internet via your phone’s data connectivity. It’s all anchored by icons for the phone dialer, contacts, text messaging and app drawer at the bottom. And while its hulking yet excellent display is tempered by its thinness, it’s still going to be too large for some.

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Samsung’s gotten rid of the typical list view, which covered the home screen epid were adding to, and moved your choices to the bottom of the screen. Sammy’s got tutorials to help you out.

We love Sprint’s decision samsung epic 4g touch go with the same textured battery cover that serves well to protect the back of the phone from dings, fingerprints and scratches, but unfortunately the number of revolutionary changes in the global’s flimsy plastic material can be counted without otuch a single finger. Kies air is Samsung’s sort of SSH-type app it’s described as samsung epic 4g touch mobile application which enables Wi-Fi PC-to-phone connections and browser-based management.

As we saw in the Epic 4G Samzung teardownthings are pretty well crammed into the phone. There’s Samsung’s AllShare app, which lets you wirelessly share pictures, music and the like. Any cell phone at or below these SAR levels that is, any phone legally sold in the U.


Storage expansion – Some handsets allow you to expand their storage capacity by using a memory expansion card — most often microSD. A phone that really was ahead of its time. Samsung epic 4g touch about the thinnest, lightest and fastest smartphone available eepic.

Samsung Epic 4G Touch camera samples 67 Photos It works really well. Technology – There are two main screen technologies currently used in phones and tablets: Input Search Keyword Search close menu.

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Fastest Mobile Networks Such enhancements are also likely responsible in part for the phone’s extra heft. Samsung Epic 4G Touch gallery 55 Photos Video walkthrough Hardware review Software review Camera tests.

Once you’re in, you can peruse and download all of your phone’s content through the browser. It’s still pretty colorful here — yeah, we’ve probably said “cartoonish” or “clownish” at some point in the past — but at least Samsung’s staying consistant while adding new features.

Forums Shop Toggle Search. Display We were rather bold in the original Galaxy S II review by stating that the device’s display samsung epic 4g touch spectacular enough to rival the samsung epic 4g touch 4’s Retina Display — say what you will about Apple’s month old flagship, that’s still no easy feat to match.

Sprint Epic 4G Touch review | Android Central

Frankly, we were expecting to see this layout on the domestic versions — the first Galaxy S phones launched in the US last year opted for the same setup, not to mention that devices launched in the US seldom depart from this four-button system.

Sign up with Epif. And finally there’s “Driving mode. Note that Sprint has included a toggle switch for the 4G radio in its pull-down notification samsung epic 4g touch, seen above.


Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch pictures

But there’s still room for an mAh battery under the impossibly thin and flimsy battery cover. The Epic Touch is a decent voice samsung epic 4g touch, but it doesn’t stand out.

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Your temporary password has been sent Check your email to validate your new password and access your account. We’re just not sure how often you’ll samsung epic 4g touch have to use it — apps are generally better about not crashing these days, and there’s plenty of RAM on the phone.

This newsletter samsung epic 4g touch contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. The Epic 4G Touch also has about MB of RAM available for running programs — you’ll see it reported as 1GB most places — and that’s a big contributor to the phone running smoothly, too.

Multimedia and Conclusions The big, bright screen is ideal for video. Benchmarks which really aren’t all that useful in properly comparing hardware will consistently show the Galaxy S II phone as being faster than just samsung epic 4g touch anything around.