Send a link to whoever you want to share this page with. Can you help me with this? I need to buy a new scanner. November 10, at September 10, at Collaborating with Your Team from all corners of the World March 17, Scanning a two-sided document using the CDF Function is easy, insert the page face up and press the Scan button, the Si proceeds to scan the front side and the page exits facing front side down, simply reinsert the page without pressing the Scan button.

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I want to be able to send my scan document not to just my email, but to the clients file on the computer in TAM.

As for TIFFs — really? January 14, at 3: It scanshap has automatic color detection and automatic blank page deletion so that you do not have to manually delete unnecessary blank pages.

Why Doesn’t ScanSnap Have TWAIN Drivers?

Overall, ScanSnap provides users ywain a simple and efficient way to organize and store documents digitally without sacrificing high-quality resolution. As a compute programmer of over thirty years — I can tell you the truth.


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July 7, at 3: That is why all images come in a TIFF files. February 26, at 7: November 10, at 2: December 9, at 3: Fujitsut needs to get on the ball, off the wall, and into the halls with their software.

Fujitsu has also made it much easier to send scans straight to Acrobat, which overcomes the biggest reason that the lack of a TWAIN driver was a problem. Scxnsnap largest range of scanners in Australia and New Zealand They only save files as JPEGs.

If you’d like to compare this product you need to uncheck one of your other 4 products. Again — love the scanner — hate the software. Without a twain or WAI driver this scanner is worthless to me.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap Si delivers a snappy 7. If you hear of any new Models please let me know. TWAIN was developed by a group of industry leaders who saw the need for an dcansnap standard software protocol and application programming interface API to regulate communication between software applications and imaging devices the source of the data. November 15, at 2: Learn how your comment data is processed.

Can scansnap be used with laserfiche? In some cases, users might want to initiate scans from within a software application TWAINas opposed to sending the documents from the scanner to the application. The instructions are easy. September 12, at 6: It is a small comfort to know we are not the only ones suffering their site. Can you help me with this?


ScanSnap Software Downloads : Fujitsu Global

It was a nightmare — poorly organized pages, and a hellish experience that required filling in forms with the indecipherable serial number from the scanner and waiting for an email with a download link. Why save it as PNG?

Unfortunately, we got this one and then moved to a new office and lost the disc with the software.

The scan still has to be started from the Fujitsu software but it can arrive in Acrobat with no intermediate steps. Because JPEG loses quality every time you save the image in that file format. April 23, at 1: