To check if the driver of your option card is available for download, check the Option Cards link on the Product Page. When the message, Booting linux in 2 seconds Relevant Documentation on Diskless Configurations. Refer to the section that corresponds to your version of the server:. This page was last updated: See one of the following: Assisted installation using Sun Installation Assistant this method provides an easy-to-use process for locally, or remotely, installing your operating system.

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Highlight the field to be modified using the arrow and Tab keys. Change the default password to a password of your choice. Browse Related Browse Sunfire x4100.

Sunfire X4100

Remove the main cover from the server. CRT glass, except for glass with lead content less Press and release the right arrow key until the Exit sunfire x4100 screen is displayed.

Save or discard changes. To check if the driver of your option card is available x44100 download, check the Option Cards link on the Product Page. Enabling Chipkill ssunfire system reliability, but degrades system performance under specific applications. If the server is in a rack, slide it sunfire x4100 enough from sunfire x4100 rack so that you can remove the main cover. For example, if the server freezes because of incorrect settings and will not boot, use this jumper sunfire x4100 invalidate the settings and reboot with defaults.


It is also in great working condition.

For a current list of supported operating systems for the Sun Fire X or X M2 server, go to http: Relevant Documentation on Sunfire x4100 Configurations. This is because the state of this jumper cannot be determined without the host CPU running.

Sun Fire X Server Product Library Documentation

Skip to main content. Use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through a menu. This procedure describes how to reset the Administration password the root password for the ILOM Service Processor sufire to the default after it has been set once during initial setup. Use the left sunfire x4100 right arrow keys to move sequentially back and forth through the seven screens. If you need sunfire x4100 modify other setup parameters, use the arrow and Tab keys sunfire x4100 navigate to the desired screen and menu item, then repeat steps To wunfire the system parameters, enter the BIOS Setup sunfire x4100 by pressing the F2 key while the system is performing the power-on self-test POST.

You can change the BIOS configuration in several different interfaces.

Caution – Do not operate the server without all fans, component heatsinks, air baffles, and covers installed. This chapter contains the following procedures sunfirf information:.


Refer to the section below that applies to your sunfire x4100. Fields that can be reconfigured are displayed sunfire x4100 color. For complete platform listings please visit:. See one of the following: Use the table below to determine your installation method.

Refer to the section that corresponds to your version of the server: Otherwise, go to Step 6. Sun Sunfire x4100 Sunfire X 2. Choose a method sunfire x4100 shutting down the server from main power mode to standby power mode.

Sun Fire X4100 Server

Use the Tab key to move back and forth across columns. Set the uboot environment variable, bootretry, to -1 to temporarily disable automatic reboot:. There are sunfire x4100 supported operating system OS distributions sunfire x4100 several ways to install each one. The device naming for the Ethernet ports differ according to the OS.