If a positive charge is building up on the anode side of the circuit, which is near the pen cap, it would reduce the current flow, even enough to stop it if it builds high enough before discharge. Hope this helps, Tim. It is right there on the side of the pen, and coincidentally it also happens to be right where we are expecting this charge to be building. When the pen shows up on the list again, tap it and then tell it to Pair. I suggest that you just remove the AAAA battery and put it back in again. Good price and shipping. Thanks so much Rob, I did what you said and Bingo!

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Also came with the tablet tab. It has new designs and technologies including lighter, thinner, faster, and larger than previous generations.

Things to Try If Your Surface Pro 3 Pen Doesn’t Work – Love My Surface

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Besides its obvious utility as an artist’s go-to, it can serve professionals in need of a handy tool for e-signatures.

Views Read Edit View history. It works great but does not have the OneNote launching pen cap. It might be easier to think about what could be generating static electricity rather than creating a grounding solution.

Surface Pen – Platinum

If the issue is with the writing, the first thing to check is the AAAA batteries. If you’re creative, this is one handy pfo.


Writers who prefer to write manually rather than type will appreciate the natural flow as the tip moves over the surface. Finally you might try a hard reset that involves holding the volume and power buttons and releasing surface pro 3 pen after 10 or 15 seconds surfxce google exact instructions If these fail you will need Surface support.

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Surface Pen – Wikipedia

After having spent 3 hours on it, downloading updates, re pairing and who knows what else………. Thank you both so much! Long story short…I removed the fleece sweatshirt I was wearing, reinserted the battery, and have had surface pro 3 pen problem with the pen becoming unresponsive.

And if you don’t like it, there’s a day money back guarantee. You could try downloading Surface Hub from the Windows Store.

The Surface Surface pro 3 pen actually does work very well when operating properly. The one that worked for me was surfsce by George:.

Hope it helps, Tim. Sound off your favorites in the comments. See at Amazon Adonit Ink For something a little more stylish, the Adonit Ink is a well-rated stylus surface pro 3 pen works with Microsoft Surface devices as well as other compatible hardware. Over the 3 months of reliability I almost always left the pen disassembled into 3 separate parts when not in use: You may also like.


No surfacee how advanced your skills as an electronic artist, nothing can take the place of a pencil in hand. Try calibrating the pen.

When surface pro 3 pen replace the Surface Pen coin cell batteries? All they wanted to do was sell me a new one. Here are some links I uncovered along the way. Lastly, there are shortcut buttons for erasing and right-clicking. All you need to do is check that a pen or stylus is compatible with Surface and Microsoft’s N-trig framework and you should be good to go. Note If surface pro 3 pen pen already appears in the list of Bluetooth devices, you might need to remove the Surface Pen from the device list and pair it with your Surface again.

At least they are in a normal pen. Types of Accounts for a Surface Tablet.

Microsoft Surface Microsoft hardware. Surface pro 3 pen taking it to a retail store where they have a SP3 on display and see if you can pair it with the display model and use it. You may need to pair the pen with your Surface again after you change the batteries.