Commercial Windows No features added Add a feature. Know any alternatives we haven’t listed? All eight axes are set. You can choose to use one of the off-the-shelf versions of vJoy, request a modification or modify vJoy yourself. When a key is pressed on the keyboard without the block keys option set Windows will register a key press as well as joystick input the key is assigned to.

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All eight axes are set. Maybe you want to be the first to submit a comment about Vjoy virtual joystick Virtual Joystick? A Windows 7 64 bit “driver” for the Joysick Batallion Controller.

VJoy Virtual Joystick Driver v1.2

You can also send commands to toggle options or close VJoy. This vjooy a simple command-line demo feeder that constantly feed a vJoy device with data.

A comprehensive discussion is found under section Architecture. Sending command line arguments allows you to configure VJoy for application specific tasks.

Start an endless while loop. Alternatives to VJoy Virtual Joystick for all platforms with any license. Writing a vjoy virtual joystick application For older versions of vJoy read the following article.


Let’s assume you want to control an application such as a flight-simulator from the mouse. It was not design for mouse-to-joystick translation. If you jogstick to use the driver in a commercial environment please contact us.

Headsoft – VJoy Virtual Joystick Driver – Home

In it the feeder creates position data and send in to the vjoy virtual joystick device:. According to the type of POV Hat switch, fill-in the position data. Device 1 configuration includes: Most of the code is dedicated to preparing the position data. There are two POV Hat switch vjoy virtual joystick No features added Add a feature.

VJoy provides two virtual joysticks that can be configured with 30 inputs each.

ControlMK is an utility which uses DirectInput controllers to emulate mouse, keyboard, and other types of commands. The above figure informs us that vJoy device driver version 2.

Vjoy virtual joystick setup torrent

You cannot re-map the axes unless you are willing to make a small change in your code. There are a few flavours of vJoy that you can use. For older versions of vJoy read the following article.


The feeder will read the mouse data and feed vJoy driver with these data. Vjoy virtual joystick the virtual device and test the results.

However, it receives its signals through a simple software interface. Once installed select to launch VJoy or launch it from the Start menu.

The code is joysticm of the SDK. Support is currently given using the Forum. Write a feeder that is compatible with the version of vJoy driver you deploy. vjoy virtual joystick

Fill-in the data packet with vjoy virtual joystick position data and with button values. Emulates gamepad or joystick and let’s you bind keyboard as playing some games requires additional gamepads. Just click the button up to your right!