Hennessey recently took time to talk about his career with U. That was one of the greatest of all time coming in and wanting us to train. It was a pleasure. I’ve driven in quite a few races and I’m getting chances to win. It’s what I was put here for. Whether it was a cheap race or a great race — and of course a more significant race is better monetarily — but it matters not to me.

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It was just one of those deals; you go home every day and you take it for granted. Matron Stakes head Grand Circuit week.

On Wednesday, August 6, Hennessey will be inducted into the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame in Ontario, which will be one of the greatest moments of his harness racing career. His UDR of. When you look at most racetracks, you’ll see the favorites win anywhere from 32 to 40 percent. To comment on this story, email us at readerforum ustrotting.

As far as adapting, I had to adapt. I was quite content with my career and the way it turned out. And it’s all I’m going to do. That was one of the greatest of all time coming in and wanting us to train.


Wally Hennessey | Prince Edward Island Sports Hall of Fame | PEI Sports Hall of Fame

The work ethic has a lot to do with it as well. His final push, about a week or two before we were leaving here, was to tell me to stop on my way back to Atlantic Canada. The stable has been a blessing for Dan as he battles his vision issues.

Joe learned from his father and other PEI horsemen of the era and opened his own public stable inthe same year his father died. On the track, Wally became a force on the New York Sire Stakes circuit and began seeing an increased number of drives on the Grand Circuit. You know Wally Hennessey — whether you’ve actually met him or know him or what — and you know him because harnes Moni Maker.

And what keeps you doing that is the drive to get to the winner’s circle. I did not want to be at the Meadowlands year-round. You won’t see me stop in anybody’s way. She was a very kind, caring woman. This move afforded him the ability to compete as a catch-driver in the Sire Stakes in New York and surrounding states and then to return to Florida for the winter months.

A record total of 52 two-year-olds have remained eligible for the race series at Portmarnock. I still look up to Wally.


Profile: Dan & Wally Hennessey

He made a name for himself in the Maritimes in the early s, setting annual records for wins and purses, before traveling to Florida and launching a career in the U. But I’m able to do that because of the animal I’m driving or the stable I’m driving for hraness does a tremendous job. He trucked coal with a horse and wagon on the island and also had race horses.

It’s what I was raised to do. Maybe as a caddie. You’re having another good year and your career is still going strong. It was my grandfather, Walter, whom I am named after, that first started to henmessey into harness racing.

Hennessey’s brother, who has trained more than 1, winners despite losing sight in his left eye in because of cancer and suffering additional vision problems more recently in his right eye because of a detached retina. Back to Home page. Yes, I’m very aggressive; probably ultra-aggressive. I’m sure everybody involved feels the same way.

I don’t know how he did it.